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Seven Chaos Lessons for Y2K


"Seven Life Lessons of Chaos: Timeless Wisdom from the Science of Change" by John Briggs and David Peat can help us understand how chaos has evolved from a scientific theory into a cultural metaphor, and in particular, how it can be applied in practical ways to Y2K (a turbulent, chaotic, complex systems failure if there ever was one!).

Here's a list of the life lessons -- read them and then decide if you want
to read the book:

1. BE CREATIVE: how to engage with chaos to find imaginative solutions and
live more dynamically

2. USE BUTTERFLY POWER: how to let chaos grow local efforts into global

3. GO WITH THE FLOW: how to use chaos to work collectively with others (they
mention coevolution and co-intelligence)

4. EXPLORE WHAT'S BETWEEN: how to discover life's rich subtleties and avoid
the traps of stereotypes

5. SEE THE ART OF THE WORLD: how to appreciate the beauty of life's chaos

6. LIVE WITHIN TIME: how to utilize time's hidden depth

7. REJOIN THE WHOLE: how to realize our fractal connectedness to each other
and the world

Be well,

Rick Ingrasci