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New Y2K community resources


Cygnus Emergency Response Triangles

A CERTriangle is a large laminated square divided diagonally into two triangles. It has two sides and can be folded along the divide, producing four different triangle faces, each of a different color. The triangles are made to put up in a household window facing the street so that someone walking or driving down the street can see them. The colors mean something:
Green: All is well
Yellow: Non-urgent need or request
Red: Urgent (usually life-threatening) need
Blue & white: I can help ("services available")

In an emergency, a neighbor, block captain, or emergency service person can instantly tell where there is need on a block, and where help may be available.

CERTriangles are downloadable from the above site, in TIFF and PDF formats. Although the name and design of the CERTriangles are trademarked and copyrighted, the creator, "Wayne Schumacher" <>, assures me that "my goal is to make these things available widely and cheaply while protecting the idea AND maintaining a high level of uniformity of design, colors, text, useage so they would pretty much be used the same way and mean the same thing and look the same no matter where they are used. .... My REAL hope is to actually save communities money by, if they would rather purchase from me than print themselves, producing them in enough numbers that significant economies of scale are achieved. For example, if a city or town prints them, they might cost 25 cents each, but if they purchase from me they would only be 10 cents each, or some such thing."

A great workshop to help people emotionally connect with Y2K


Panic Free Y2k Teacher's Guide

This Guide is supplemented by a number of audio tapes and the manuscript on this web site and it is recommended that new teachers purchase the training tapes and manuscript as a way to speed the learning/teaching process. This guide is far from perfect and has many flaws. However, it's a place to start. We'll add improvements to the Guide as we go, but I felt it important to get started being that time is of the essence. Good Teaching!
- David Dibble <>


The purpose of this Teacher's Guide is to assist teachers in facilitating the workshop Panic Free Y2k - Moving From Fear to Action...Together (the course). The purpose of the course is to move participants to intellectual understanding of Y2k and then to emotional ownership of Y2k and the need for community, neighborhood and employee preparedness. This result is possible because of a number of critical factors that accelerate
learning and change. The job of the facilitator is to, if possible, become a master of these critical factors and use them for the benefit of our students.


A note from David Dibble...

May 12, 1999

Hi Everyone:

It's been a while since I've written anything meaningful or otherwise. I've
been working to get our new web site, Panic Free Y2k, up. Well, it's not
perfect, but it's up. The address is: Please forward the site along to
your lists or others who might benefit from it. My guess is that there's
something useful for almost everyone on the site. That's because it's about
Y2k, community, teaching, life, change, work and family. That just about
covers it, huh?

We just finished our fourth "Panic Free Y2k - Moving From Fear to
Action...Together" workshop and our first "Panic Free Y2k Teacher
Training". I think the participants of the courses would agree that it was
a transformational experience. We had some strong personalities and heavy
skeptics in the first group (sound like anyone you know?), but all were
able to make the shift. The Teacher's Training was nothing short of a
spiritual experience.

This stuff really works in creating emotional ownership of Y2k as a real
problem with community preparedness as our best course of action. For you
courageous souls who want to teach this stuff, have at it. My manuscript
(on the web site), "Beyond Chaos Y2k - The Renaissance of Community in the
New Millennium", contains the theory that explains why Panic Free Y2k and
the Panic Free Y2k Teacher's Training work like they do. I highly recommend
that people read it before attempting to teach using the materials on the
site. Also on the site, I've put the Panic Free Y2k Workbook, Handouts, and
Teacher's Guide.

You are welcome to use any of these materials as long as it is for purposes
that create inclusion (community consciousness) and understanding and that
you acknowledge me as the creator/author. Please, try to avoid using the
materials in ways that create separation (fear). Yes, fear is probably
necessary in order to create emotional ownership of Y2k. However, that
energy must be shifted to right action and group support as soon as
possible. Right action and group support will reduce or eliminate
fear-based emotional energy. The pieces on the site are not necessarily
complete or without flaw. Still, I thought it better to get something up
that people could use now rather than wait until everything was just right
(maybe too late to be useful).

If you're interested in learning more about me and my family and the work
that we do (business stuff that people will actually pay us for), read the
Daily Dibbles (letters). You'll probably find them funny and maybe
inspirational, too. I'll be writing a little piece every day or two that
will be in the Daily Dibbles, if you're interested.....Just as soon as I
figure out all this html and ftp June 30.....make that September
30....with a full 3 months for testing. Which leads me to my next point

I'm going to throw out an idea (a dream really) that a number of us have
kicked around. I still believe that we Y2k and community preparedness
activists are not aligned in our efforts. We all want pretty much the same
thing, but our efforts and ideas of how to get there are fragmented. What
about doing a big (national or regional) transformational
teambuilding/systems-based action planning session asap for community
preparedness activists and their guests? If we can create experientially
transformational experiences and emotional ownership for small groups,
imagine the power we could create with a large committed group like the
activists (us). Systems-based action planning can be done with large groups
easily and it's very effective, particularly after a transformational
experience. We could literally create a bonded extended family of committed
people, all acting in a semi-coordinated manner and working on the critical
20% of the variables that control 80% of the results. Guests would be
transformed, too. I'm sure we could do all this in as little as 3-5 days
with a little pre-work from the participants. I think we might find funding
for this type of event in order to keep costs down. One thing we would need
is meeting and sleeping space, preferably close to nature somewhere.
Anyway, if any of you are interested in looking into something like this,
contact me and we'll see what bubbles up. The whole basis and usefulness of
an event like this is explained in the manuscript when talking about the
power of energy fields to transform groups. I believe a transformation
event like this could accelerate the whole process of creating emotional
ownership of y2k/community consciousness and align us more closely in right
action. Imagine the potential for movement if we got a few powerful people
in "leadership" roles to become real leaders. Anyone who attended an event
like this would be changed (positively) to some extent. Enough said.

I want to thank Michael Dowd (one of the driving forces behind Portland's
Y2k/community preparedness efforts) and indirectly, Tom Atlee and Bill Dale
for prodding me to finish the Panic Free Y2k stuff and get it up on the
site. Frankly, it was considerably more work than I had anticipated and I
had begun to waver on doing the Teacher Training or finishing the site at
all. "After all", I reasoned. "What's in it for me except more expense."
Thanks to Michael, Tom, Bill, my stalwart "community building" friend Earl
Johnson and the others who helped me to get my head screwed on straight...
Or at least straighter. I was reminded that if this work was really any
good, it should be shared as widely as possible. Otherwise, what's the
point. "Oh, that's right David (me talking to me). What you put out, you
get back. Sorry, I forgot for a moment." Also, Michael and Earl can now act
as a references for both Panic Free Y2k and the Teacher's Training. If
you'd like their inputs, you can e-mail Michael at:
and Earl at: I think they'll give both of the courses
"transformational" marks. I'd also like to thank Patti Higgins who did the
web site. Both she and I are new at this but she did a fine job and
continues to grow rapidly in her new craft. You'll find a link to her web
site on mine.

Finally, a few words personally. It's been both difficult and rewarding
getting the word out on Y2k and, more importantly, PULLING people to
community preparedness action. I'm sure those of you who have taken a
teacher's path know what I mean. I know that when the student is ready, the
teacher will appear. The majority of students still have not appeared.
However, there will be more and more students who are ready for the
teachings in the near future. Will you and I be ready to teach? Will we be
the models of inclusion, preparedness and community consciousness? Will we
be fearless in the face of great change? You see, we teach what we need to
learn. And, what we teach not what we say, but who we are. How would Jesus,
Buddha, Mohammed, Moses or Krishna have taught community
consciousness/preparedness on this day, in this time? I wonder what Black
Elk, Gandhi or the Dali Lama would do? I'm guessing their approach would be
different and much more effective than those of the Bill Clintons, Alan
Greenspans, NERCs and Microsofts of the world. Just to be clear, as long as
fear disguises itself as leadership, we are lost. Those of us who wait for
fear to guide the way shall remain lost. Fear cannot lead. Not today. Not
anymore. If not fear, then what? Leadership can only be what fear is not.
Love. Love, yes, even tough love, must lead the way. When we love, with no
attachment to the results, we lead.

As I tell my students when we're completing the course, "There is nothing
to fear. We live, I believe, in the most exciting time of human
evolution....ever. Never, in the history of humanity, has there been a
situation like this. A confluence of transformational factors and forces
ringing in the new millennium in ways that cannot be predicted, except to
say that they will most likely be mind boggling to the status quo. And the
exciting part is....We are here to bear witness to these events, whatever
they may be. We are here to be part of the transformation of what we have
known into something exquisitely new.....and beautiful. There is nothing to
fear as long as we have each other. And we always do. Thank you."

(From the Irish ballad)
Until we meet again -- May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

With great love and respect,



The Global Action Plan community preparedness materials for Y2K -- the famous "Portland Plan" -- properly known as


will be available for purchase in nice printed form in mid-June in the U.S. from Global Action Plan: P.O. Box 428, Woodstock, NY 12498.

The household workbook is available online now -- and the community organizer tools should be available online in a day or two -- at

Larry Shook did much of the research and writing for this -- and it was put together by the folks who created effective neighborhood eco-teams -- so I know it's good. Further information is (and will be) available at the above URL.

This looks like a good companion to the Global Action Plan neighborhood preparedness materials. -- Tom



Center for Year 2000 Community Action Plans
5000 Birch Street, Suite 3000          
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Tactical Strategy Group, Inc.
2901 Park Avenue, Ste A-2
Soquel, CA  95073


Washington, D.C. - June 21, 1999
CYTCAP  and Tactical Strategy Group Joint Press Release

The Center for Year 2000 Community Action Plans ("CYTCAP") and Tactical Strategy Group, Inc. is pleased to announce a comprehensive "Best Practices" guide for Y2K contingency planning at the local government level.  This handbook, Business Continuity Planning for Local Infrastructures, a Y2K Guide for Cities and Counties, is a first-of-its-kind publication, utilizing innovative techniques to effectively integrate local governments, the private sector and citizens in the contingency planning process.  The goal of the handbook is to ensure that critical local infrastructures will continue to function even in the face of shortages or disruptions resulting from Y2K problems.  As noted by Kevin Daehnke, the President of CYTCAP:
"It is time to implement back up solutions in case of Y2K disruptions.  We can't be sure where failures might occur, but if we plan ahead we will be prepared to fix any problems that do arise.  If we can ensure that our critical infrastructures are functioning at some level, no matter what may occur, good old American ingenuity will take over from there.  It is important that cities and counties immediately begin the process of protecting critical infrastructures, so that we can welcome the new year with open arms."

William Ulrich of Tactical Strategies Group, Inc. states:

"Local government infrastructures include waste disposal, sewage handling, water distribution, emergency services, fire protection, and a host of other functions critical to local communities.  Each of these service areas relies on outside supplier and internal technologies; each of which requires a contingency plan.  It is extremely important for local governments to get their contingency plans in place this year and the "Best Practices" guide is an excellent way to accomplish this."


This important resource is available for $55.00 (with volume discounts) at or by calling 888-877-1994 or 408-848-5652.  Training sessions which utilize the handbook's approach will be available in the Summer of 1999.


The "Y2K What 2 Do" pamphlet comes from the California Governor's
Office of Emergency Services. You can call them, they are listed under
California Government in the phone book. I have been encouraging people to
call them and ask why this document hasn't been sent to every residence and
business in California. They will send you some...although it may take a
while. Or, you can go to their web and pull it off. The
really good thing about this document is that it is credible since it comes
from their office. We highlight the "California Governor's Office of
Emergency Services" on the front page and explain to people where it came


David Sunfellow has completed the nation's first Y2K grassroots community
preparedness survey.
The complete report can be found at:


The new version (v16.30) of the "Millennium Management Blueprint(TM) -- A Y2K Leadership Blueprint for Local Government" is now available for download or printing at There is no cost or obligation and the not-for-profit use is authorized as indicated in the document -- Feel welcomed to pass it along to your community leaders and elected officials.

Here's the first paragraph of the Blueprint: "We know that the Y2K problem may impact the ability of local governments to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their communities. How big that impact will be, or for how long, is unknown and open to speculation. But one thing is certain: the potential for Y2K damage and disruption at the local level is real and we need to prepare our communities. Only local government is in a position to provide the leadership needed to bring together all of the various citizen, business, and government groups that need to cooperate for the common good. The Millennium Management Blueprint(TM) was developed to help local leaders manage community preparedness."

fyi (full disclosure statement), this Millennium Management project and my participation in it is funded by the Candle Corporation. It's the kind of project I'd do for free if I could afford to do so. I'm grateful for their support and for the opportunity to play a small part in this project.

Best wishes,
Leon A. Kappelman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Business Computer Information Systems
Associate Director, Center for Quality & Productivity
College of Business Administration, University of North Texas
Co-chair, Society for Information Management Year 2000 Working Group
Steering Committee, YES Volunteer Corps, International Y2K Cooperation Center
Voice: 940-565-4698 Fax: 940-369-7623 Email: