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The Corporate Charter Revocation Movement

Corporations are making decisions -- and withholding information -- about Y2K that could have a dramatic effect on the lives of millions of people. They have the power to do very great good or very great harm. Y2K provides an opportunity for them to demonstrate that they are, in fact, good citizens of local, national and global communities.

If, however, they demonstrate that they are interested in personal or corporate gain at public expense, then (since this is a democracy, right?) they need to be answerable to the communities which they have damaged. Why should we be able to re-call politicians that damage us and not re-call the charters of corporations that have damaged us?

A little over a century ago, corporate charters were often withdrawn when a company proved itself willing to damage the common good. Times have changed. But there is a movement afoot to reclaim the right of communities and states to issue and withdraw corporate charters. It would behoove more of us to become more familiar with this activity. Perhaps some of us would want to support it...

Rather than fight a losing battle against the harms one by one, the California Attorney General has legal authority to ask a court to dissolve a company by revoking its corporate charter. -- National Organization for Women




Promotes Global Market and absent ownership

Promotes local markets and local ownership

Puts money and corporations first

Puts people, nature and communities first

Advances material, financial growth

Advances spiritual, social and intellectual growth

Treats nature as a mere waste dump

Treats nature as a co-producer and source of life

Maximizes material consumption

Maximizes quality of life

Nurtures monoculture

Nurtures multiculture and diversity

Promotes global competition

Promotes global cooperation

Results in economic exclusion and insecurity

Results in economic inclusion and security

* - From the videotape by David Korton, "When Corporations Rule the World" courtesy [].