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Tampa Bay Y2K

Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998 15:25:55 -0400
From: Sharon Joy Kleitsch <>
Subject: Add Tampa Bay

Hello Tom:

I was speaking with Paul Ray yesterday, and he told me to check out your
website. Thank you for being so comprehensive and expansive. I've
printed several pages to share and communicate.

Among other hats I wear, I'm the coordinator of the Suncoast Community
Insitute of Noetic Sciences (SCIONS) and am privileged to be part of
IONS new Stewardship Council. I plan to connect with my fellow members
shortly about Y2K. Meg Wheatley also thought IONS would be perfect in
this effort.

Until I received Meg's letter a couple of weeks ago, my take had been
that there were plenty of capable folks working on Y2K, and I'd do my
part by continuing to build community. However, I can't ever seem to
pass my friend, Sychronicity, by and find myself in a great space to
reach out to the Tampa Bay area leadership as well as grass roots

Barbara Marx Hubbard was here last month and stimulated local interest
in doing a SYNCON. Before the first organizational meeting, I read the
article and suggested this real world topic.We're looking at early 1999.

Since then I've decided to share it, plus the SYNCON pages of B's book
with some Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties' key people. Lucky me to be
creating a new paper, Public Life (thanks to Pew), for TB's great
alternative publication, The Weekly Planet. We'll include some of your
websites in our next issue of PL, "The Community Spirit of Caring". I'm
suggesting a lead article on Y2K in TWP.

I see an opportunity to energize a regional effort in TB. Of course, how
perfect that next year's IONS conference will be in Orlando, just down
I4. What fun!

I'll keep you informed, or better, suggest someone else do so, about our
SYNCON efforts and the local ASTD-OD group that meets next week.

What fun!

Count on SCIONS and add Tampa Bay!

Sharon Joy Kleitsch, SCIONS Coordinator
1100 North Shore Drive NE
St. Petersburg FL 33701
fax. .9666