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The need for "Y2K Movement" Media


Dear friends,

I just received a request from the new, very good Y2K SOLUTIONS magazine to help them spread the word about their publication. I'll do that in a moment, but I noticed something about my response to them that I want to share.

I noticed I didn't have a lot of enthusiasm for the magazine. In fact, I've noticed I don't have enthusiasm for the vast majority of publications (including books) on Y2K. Even when they're good. Even when they espouse the things I believe in. Even when they publish my articles!

I decided it is because I'm addicted to -- and infoglutted by -- the online world, the world of email and the Web. The speed, volume and up-to-date-ness of the online world makes the print world seem uninteresting to me -- ESPECIALLY when it has to do with Y2K.

If any of the rest of you are like that, we've got a problem. The vast majority of people are not on line. They need to be reached by print media and radio. (Video and books are good for basics, but can't keep up with the unfolding Y2K scene. And we don't have access to much mass-audience TV.) If we Y2K leaders and organizers are entrained to the online world and neglect the magazine and radio worlds, we effectively abandon those who aren't on line, the very people we are supposed to be organizing and informing.

I think we need to create and support our own print media and radio programs, which can support our work in the world. In the case of Y2K SOLUTIONS, this would mean subscribing to it ($2/mo), making sure it is there at every Y2K meeting (bulk $1 each, for 25+), encouraging people to subscribe to it, promoting it when we speak in public forums, AND supporting it with articles, suggestions and news of our activities. We could even order gift subscriptions for public figures and journalists (brainstorming THIS would be interesting!).

Below are some of the notes that the publishers sent to me. I think their perspective is great, and I'm going to break my online addiction and subscribe (their address is below).



As with most people who have delved into Y2K and realized the "bigger picture," we came to a realization that the national media is giving mostly "lollipop" coverage to Y2K and therefore, a majority of people are not receiving accurate information. Approximately 85% of the adult population do not actively use the Internet, where the bulk of the information on Y2K currently is found. The trend in the media now is to ridicule those who attempt to prepare for Y2K, referring to them as "hoarders" and/or "survivalists." The media, in our opinion, also fails to grasp the underlying spiritual essence and "call for community" that Y2K seems to be flagging in so many people. We also have been disheartened by such massive fear and doomsday reporting. Personally, we believe Y2K presents an opportunity for people to come together, build community, find stronger inner peace, and create a more sustainable world.

We have gone out on a limb by launching a new, national magazine called "Y2K Solutions." Happily, it seems to have accomplished in a very short time much of what we intended -- primarily, to bring an awareness and a positive focus regarding Y2K to those who are either in fear or are "denial constricted." We want to inspire them to move through the fear, break out of the denial, and climb to a level of action and understanding through a positive, hopeful, inner-preparedness and community-spirit focus. We are journalists who also have a 7-year track record in publishing two small newspapers in Arizona.

The response from many who have read Y2K Solutions and used it for their Y2K "awareness" efforts since January is encouraging. The magazine seems to be a powerful tool for people, especially those who want to educate people who are not on the Internet. Y2K Solutions magazine has a "people orientation" and reports on what individuals and communities around the country are doing and how they feel and think about Y2K. Our core intent is to inspire people to move into a larger perspective regarding lifestyle and cultural changes being driven by Y2K. You might have already seen a copy of the the first issue with an exclusive interview with Paloma O'Riley.

OUR REQUEST OF YOU IS SIMPLE. We are asking your help in getting our magazine known to more people -- citizens, your neighbors, the community leaders you meet, members of the press and media, and those individual "heros" out there -- to encourage others to wake up and work together. The number of people we ALL need to reach is massive. Our staff is very small (2 people) compared to our project. Our goal is to have the magazine on national news stands by May -- national distribution for a new magazine is a long process. In the interim, we need to depend on high visibility, bulk sales, and individual subscriptions.

In exchange for your help, please let us know how we can be of assistance to you in your efforts and work.

We would like to send you a packet of our premiere issues to peruse and also to hand out, but need to have your mailing address. We have a companion web site: which is still under construction and will be finished about March 20th and you can get a flavor for the magazine there. But our primary goal, as we said, is to reach the many people who are not on the Net.

Some specific areas where we need help today, because we are so understaffed (as you probably are, also):

* Community Leaders: reaching local community leaders who symbolize the nuts and bolts of important grassroots efforts is important-- we would be grateful for contact names, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, literature, brochures, stories, etc. -- we want to know what's happening out there so we can report it in the magazine. Remember, the majority of the people in this country have NO idea what's going on regarding Y2K and it is our mission and goal to tap them on the shoulder and at the very least get information into their hands.

* Newsstand Placement: although we have accomplished some direct mail contact with national distributors, this is a high maintenance and drawn-out process, typically requiring substantial venture capital (which we do not have). We are doing our best to drive this area quickly, but any referrals would be of immense help.

* Media Coverage: with constraints on our start-up resources, we have had to delay many effective public relations activity until later. The value of media coverage, as you know, cannot be overstated. The personal/individual/communities-working-together approach we use in the magazine may even be helpful in bringing the media up to speed with a greater understanding of what is needed.

* Internet Page Links: an interactive link between our web site and yours would be most appreciated, and would enhance the efforts of all of us.

We strive to join the network of information-givers such as yourself who will help our nation better prepare at many levels for the several years ahead. Your work continues to be a part of that information flow. We hope the work we do today is a platform for a better, more sustainable world at the other end of Y2K.

Thank you for taking time to read this and for your support in any way you can.


Mikaela Rierson and Jim Ricker

Y2K Solutions magazine

9121 E. Tanque Verde Road, #105-313, Tucson, AZ 85749

phone: 520-749-7790 fax: 520-749-4479