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LaChapelle: long term cycle research

Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 10:00:52 +0000
From: David La Chapelle <>
Organization: Wind over Mountain
To: Tom Atlee <>
Subject: Re: The Y2K Environmental Movement is Expanding

Thanks for sending the summary of environmental stuff... as usual you
have done great job of synthesis, thanks for the effort.
I am exploring long term cycle research to try and put these changes in
perpective... this has got me rooting around in Mayan calendar, Hopi
prophecy and a very interesting book called the cycles of life by Dewey
(did you know that a broad spectrum of creative people have a same 7.6
month cycle in their creative expression)
Or that there is 142 year war cycle stretching back to 600 BC...or that
the mortality rate tends to mimic sunspot cycles?...
The emerging picture is of a sea of cyclic change, cycles spinning
within cycles which stretch out into galactic proportions... and that
the current urgency of change is embedded in a whole harmonic of forces
which act very much like strange attractors in that they are not visible
but show up by their effect and create numerous reality basins which
drive behaviour as diverse as purchase, lynx population, salmon returns
and technological innovation.
just some morning ramblings...