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Something in the Wind

Dear Tom,

I agree, there is something in the wind. I for one, am really up for a
vision quest. I think it would be the most powerful thing we could
all do together. As we all continue to look outside ourselves at compliancy
and contingency plans, I see that our work would be enhanced if we turn our
focus to the inside; to our feelings, to our deepest intuitive visions. I do
not mean, in any way to be critical of the path chosen thus far. Great work
has been done, and from a very good place. I have had the priviledge of
stepping forward with you all in full throttle, and then stepping back to
just watch and listen. My heart had a chance to open to a bigger picture. I
had the opportunity to view the situation from the sidelines. I began to
perceive that we may not be spending our energy in the most efficient way. I
observe many to be tired and burned out. And, now some are starting to see
some of the propsed preparation scenarios as futile. Like you, I see and
sense somthing else. And, I think we need to go listen to our brother, the

In the quiet of my room where I watched my fellow Aspen tree drop it's
leaves and now catch the snow, I searched for my light, my gift, my truth in
this phenomenon. I have decided nothing and feel I may know less than I did
before. I feel I was on a vision quest by myself in the energy field of
major movement and communication - too much for me to hear exactly what is
calling me. One thing I know is that my "juice" is in our inner worlds and
ceremony. I think it is absolutely essential that we incorporate a sacred
space with each other as we move ahead. The natural world is our biggest
ally and our most significant partner. A vision quest would allow us to
communicate and listen to our partner's calling. It is a way we can build
our internal strength which I believe is paramount. More than ever in
history an awesome number of humans are coming together. Imagine what it
will be like in a year. This entire nation will be communicating
together and a good part of the world, on a whole new level. What are we
going to say to each other? How are we going to feel? How will we "be"? How
can we stay in our grace?

Blessings to you for what you do and for who you are. It is a pleasure to
walk this path with you and others.

Lots of love,


Susan Teton Campbell