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The Y2K-Breakthrough Holding Tank:
New Raw Documents (yet to be linked into the site)

This page is a grab-bag, a buffet, a rummage sale, a flea market -- a holding tank.

I finally became frustrated that I had over 200 documents waiting to get on this site which I just didn't have time to post. (The bigger the site gets, the longer it takes to link each new addition up to all the places where someone might want to discover it. Plus, the popularity of the site is generating lots of off-site correspondence, activities and possibilities -- all of which are great, but they take me away from getting the site updated.)

One morning I realized I could establish a dumping ground where such documents could sit on the Web while waiting to be formally incorporated into the site. For users of the site, it would be like going into one of those totally disorganized used bookstores. You can't find anything in particular, but you might stumble onto a great "Find." That's what goes on here, on this page. We have all the apples, orangutans, bolts and balloons mixed up together, falling where they may. Most of them retain bits of the email routing through which they came to me. One by one -- God willing -- they'll be cleaned up and incorporated in with rest of the site where they belong. Until then, good luck to them and you!!! Every car in the lot is offered As-Is -- all warrantees void!

Note: The dates below indicate when these items were posted in this Holding Tank. They have nothing to do with the contents of the items. You'll find older and newer items all mixed together. Make sure to dust them off before using....


June 28


Up is not always up by Tom Atlee

What About the Official Federal Y2K Community Conversations? by Tom Atlee and others

Ed Yourdon's "Sayonara" Gives Me Pause by Tom Atlee (and, of course, Ed Yourdon)

New Y2K community resources (LOTS OF THEM)

Death and Rebirth: Explaining the Dynamics of 1999 by Robert Theobald

Answering "Y2K will only be a speedbump" by Tom Atlee and Rebecca Kaplan

Seven Chaos Lessons for Y2K

Y2K Health Issues and Vulnerable Populations

Community Food Security for Y2K

The Dynamics of Y2K Doubt by Tom Atlee (includes Y2K expert survey data)

Are We Supposed to be Partying? by Tom Atlee and others

Further Y2K Shiftings as the Hill Becomes Steeper by Tom Atlee and others

Y2K as a "birth"


May 20


Ted Turner: Nuclear War in Future

Y2K and Nuclear Issues

Will Y2K and Chemicals Be a Volatile Mix?

Community Preparedness: Y2K Insurance/Wise Investment

Catalyst 2000: Turning Challenge Into Opportunity

News Update on Community Currency Website


Debate: The Economic Impact of Y2K

Response from an NGO Techie on Y2K


May 19


Y2K Lessons for Menders from the Great Depression

ASK MARILYN By Marilyn vos Savant

Letter to US Senate Y2K Committee

The Ultimate Hustle

Impressions Management 101

US Gives $1.5 Billion To Russia For Y2K Fixes

Update to Chemical Safety and Y2K

The Bean Theory

Invitation to Join Y2K Youth Action Network

Affordable Energy Alternatives for the Year 2000...and Beyond

Neighborhoods and Y2K: The Toughest Connection


May 18


Official Y2K-CPP Trifold with ability to dowload the .pdf (Adobe Acrobat file).


April 29


The Vegetarian Approach to Food Shortages Associated with Y2K


April 12


The Y2K Glitch: An Insider's View

The Case for Non-violent Responses to Y2K Disruptions


April 8

Y2K Attitudes and Patterns

U.S. Government "Community Guide to Y2K"

Chemical Safety and Y2K

Japan is Using Local Currency

A Visionary's Guide to Surviving Y2K


April 7, 1999

Short Arms: It's All In Your Perspective

Small Business Y2K Readiness Act - Press Release

A Global Warning on Y2K

Will Y2K Turn the Lights Off?

Report on Portable Generators

Sebastopol Y2K Efforts

Y2K Workshop Video Available

Interested in a Field Medicine Workshop?

Important Y2K Dates

Y2K Media Spin

Helpful Site to Verify Compliance

Teleplay, with Y2K Connections

Worst Case Scenarios


April 6, 1999

Federal Government Numbers on Mission Critical Systems Drops Sharply

52 Questions About the 92%

Thoughts from Meg Wheatley Events

Improving Local Currency

Database of Local and National Initiatives

Ten Reasons to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Y2K: PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Small Business Year 2000 Readiness Act

Ready Y2K: Cross Link Sites?

STATE-Y2K: Notes from Florida re: Water and Wastewater Industry

Toxic "Dischargers":Risk to Our Waters

Marianne Williamson on Y2K