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The Hidden Code of Y2K

by Robert Roskind
18 Jan 1999

Only two things threaten our existence:
A breakdown of society as we know it;
The continuation of society as we know it.
--Jan Blum

Every lesson that mankind must learn to continue life on this planet,
with the present power of our technology, is inherent within one
seemingly random computer event, Y2K. These lessons include:

1) Our competitive, power-driven instincts must quickly evolve into
co-operative ones (As Martin Luther King, Jr. said: "The choice is no
longer between violence and non-violence but rather between non-violence
and non-existence.");

2) We must deal with our nuclear weapons, plants and waste as they pose
a continuing threat to the entire species, now and for many generations
yet unborn;

3) We must stop polluting at our present level. Most pollution comes
from the first world (one American pollutes more than 500 Nepalese).

4) We must transform our near-gluttonous materialism (which is the
source of much of our pollution) and our intoxication with physical
pleasuring (which continues to bind us to the physical, not spiritual,

5) We must return our value system to one more centered in people and
relationship, as opposed to the present one centered on owning and

6) We must further develop, and eventually convert to, our
decentralized, non-polluting sources of energy (wind, solar, wave,
hydro, etc.). There is less than 50 years of fossil fuels left and their
use is destroying the environment.

7) We must take our other technological threats seriously (global
warming, biological, nuclear and chemical weapons, El Nino, ozone level,
pollution, etc.). Like Y2K they are threatening, but unlike Y2K their
deadline is not known.

8) We must become more self-reliant, depending more on ourselves and
each other as opposed to relying on our leaders and government, who
often do not have our best interest at heart;

9) The large corporations must be dismantled or adjust their value system
to include not only profit but concern for the environment and people as
well. Presently, as their size and power increases, their greed and
short term thinking are eating through the earth and corrupting our

10) There must be a renewal of the use of non-hybrid seeds. At the
present rate that seed companies are promoting and selling hybrid seeds
(seeds that are only good for one season), in 20 years there will be
almost no non-hybrid seeds available. We would have genetically
engineered all food seeds on the planet to be non-renewable.

11) Our unabated barrage of sexuality, vulgarity and commercialism in
our media must be reduced. It is degrading to the human spirit and
undermines the creation and continuation of stable families.

12) Just as American Indian leaders planned seven generations ahead, so
must we consider and plan for the generations that will follow us.

13) Technology and material growth must cease to be an end in itself. We
must ask "What is it for?".

Every lesson we must learn to continue on this planet with the power of
our existing technology is listed above. No needed lessons are left out.
Failure to learn any one of them continues to put our species at risk.
Y2K has the ability to teach us every lesson. The chances of this being
coincidence is infinitesimally small. On the other hand, the probability
of this event being part of an intelligent design is mathematically
almost certain. And just to be sure our interest was caught, it arrives
on the nanosecond of the new millennium.

If learned, the above lessons will create a major paradigm shift on the
planet. One that is absolutely necessary if we are to continue here much
longer. These lessons will not be learned easily. As with all human
lessons, they will be learned through our pain. But they will be
learned. This event is an intelligently created and guided unfolding,
imbued with almost unimaginable love and compassion for our species. As
individuals asking what can we do to usher in this new paradigm, the
answer is clear-love ourselves and each other as much as we can.

Robert Roskind
Y2K Solutions Group, Inc.,
919 933-8533