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The Year 2000 Problem gives us a chance

A Y2K-breakthrough credo


Year 2000 Possibility Statement

by Tom Atlee

Anyone is welcome to join me in this affirmation.


It is very possible that the Year 2000 problem (Y2K) will significantly disrupt business as usual -- and also disrupt the lives of millions of ordinary people like us.

This prospect is frightening. But it is more than that.

This possibility of disruption offers us -- individually and collectively -- a unique opportunity to reflect on our lives and society, and to make positive changes that will improve the long run quality of life for ourselves and our children.

Such reflection and action needs to be widespread and collaborative.

Widespread, shared reflection and collaborative action can help us survive not only this crisis but also others we will undoubtedly face in the coming decades.


In my work on Y2K, I will creatively engage the people, communities and social institutions in my life, even as I care for myself, my family and any organizational responsibilities I may have.

I will actively encourage the collective reflection, respectful dialogue and caring service needed to help us grow together through the shared challenges of this era.

With others I will explore ways of living that are more viable, meaningful and rewarding for us all.

I will do what I can to expand these efforts until they become a new and better "business as usual" -- regardless of what happens in the Year 2000.