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Best Practices

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 14:30:39 -0500
From: Bill Dale <>
Subject: Best Practices
Cc: Ian_Wells <>

Tom and Ian,
Just so you'll both be aware, I just got done posting the following into
the Millennium Salons forum:

In her excellent post, "Lane County, Oregon - How to get involved locally,"
Cynthia Beal quotes Tom Altee as saying:

"We are early on the curve here; we're all on the leading edge. We are all
researching the "manual" for how to do what we're doing, what we need to
do. No instructions exist. They are being written piece by piece, as we go
along. "We build the road we travel." You need to join in the road
building, as well as the traveling. Try some things, make some mistakes,
learn something -- and then tell the rest of us. Ian's idea of a "best
practices" log is great; it will make a tremendous difference. At the same time, we
can't wait. We need to move ahead. We will never know enough to succeed. We will
always know enough to learn, share, and feel our way together."

In that spirit, a category called "Best Practices" has now been established
in this forum, and you are invited to post your personal and your
community's experience with what seem to be those best practices under it.

If you're not familiar with how the categories function of this software
works, please take a moment to read the "About" page. Essentially, if you
have a best practice to communicate, or you have a best practices section
on your community's y2k site that you want to post the URL of, when you
create a new thread to do so ("Ask a New Question"), you'll be presented
with a pull-down menu in the text entry area that has the existing category
options in it. You'll see the "Best Practices" heading listed there.
Selecting it will make sure that your post stays grouped with the other
best practices posts when it disappears off the "New Questions" list on the
upper part of the forum's main screen when the "expiration" date comes up.

Contributing your experiences and URLs to this category will help other
communities, so please post what's worked, or seems to be working best.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hope to see you both popping some things into that category...

Keep it up,