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Robert Theobald's Exploration of Resilience Project

[The text below is by Robert Theobald, who can be reached at]

We are at a cusp in human and planetary history. A number of colleagues and I have decided that we want to concentrate our attention on the need to move toward more resilience.

We see that human society has become more dependent on complex systems and less capable of
living without them. We have been aiming to create systems that never go wrong rather than systems than respond well when things do go wrong, as they inevitably will.

Within this overall category we are going to concentrate on five topics:
We shall create dialogues on these topics. What we learn in those dialogues will enable us to create materials which can then be distributed to the public by various means ranging from a web-site, to print, to audio and radio, to video and satellite. We hope that many of you will see ways in which you would like to be supportive.

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