Evolutionary Life

Voices of the Emerging Movement for Conscious Evolution

June 2007

====  Opportunities to Participate ====


Seeking Pasionate, Competent Evolutionaries to Help Us Ride the Thank God for Evolution! Rapids in October.

Looking for a Volunteer Assistant Editor for "Evolutionary Life"

Seeking Evolutionary Wiki Hosts



Michael Dowd's book Thank God for Evolution! will be released in October 2007. A new webiste has been set up for activities related to the book. We expect a remendous response (see TGFE News). For an exciting list of volunteer and paid opportunities to get involved as this movement takes off, click here.


1. Format Design: First of all, we'd love to have a more attractive design for the online version of the Evolutionary Life newsletter. If you would like to volunteer a new design, take one of the past issues and lay it out in the new format and email the code to . Thank you!!

2. Assistant Editor: Tom Atlee founded and has been editing and producing the Evolutionary Life newsletter for the last year. His responsibilities are growing in other parts of the conscious evolutionary movement and he wants to start a project researching "evolutionary dynamics that can be used to transform social systems" to support evolutionary agents. To take advantage of his gifts, we want to get him some major editing and production help.

For now, Tom will continue to gather materials and oversee the newsletter's editing and production. The Assistant Editor will do or help with one or more of the following:

1. Sort through the materials and recommend which to include in the newsletter.
2. Arrange them in their categories -- News, Feature Articles, Poetry, etc. -- using our usual "heading and link" format (this may require shortening URLs with http://tinyurl.com )
3. Research and write a summary of any item where a summary is needed.
4. Create an Evolutionary Life web page for any long item that doesn't already have a web page elsewhere (so that we can link to it in the newsletter).
5. Format the email draft of Evolutionary Life for comment and approval by the Evolutionary Life board of directors.
6. Once approved, create the online Web version of Evolutionary Life.

The work load will vary and timing is flexible: the newsletter comes out every 2-6 months.

There can be more than one Assistant Editor. One of them may replace Tom as the managing editor someday. Tom will train and advise anyone working with him. Since the idea is to free him up, however, volunteers should soon be able to do good work largely on a self-managed basis.

If you like this Newsletter and would like to be involved in its production, email . Send any relevant background info and give him an idea of what you can offer. Thank you!


Would you enjoy helping out with the evolutionary spirituality wiki? (A Wiki is a co-created, participatory website like Wikipedia. We are looking for people already familiar with Wikis to help others who are less familiar.)

We've started a wiki about evolutionary spirituality, and want it to have substance and community that will be attractive to the large numbers of experts and other interested folks we hope show up when Michael Dowd's book Thank God for Evolution! is released with great fanfare in October. The book includes a specific invitation for readers to co-create this evolutionary spiritual movement with us on the wiki. To create a welcoming context for these incoming masses, over the next few months we'll be inviting the evolutionary experts and other interested folks we're already in touch with to get involved.

Many of the people we invite will not be familiar with wiki - indeed, some of the most desirable participants may be technophobic. So we want to gather a small and growing cadre of people comfortable with wiki and people - online community-building evolutionary agents willing to welcome, encourage, support, invite, explain, validate, neaten-up, organize, beautify, and otherwise make the wiki experience a joy for new participants.

We know there are such people out in the world of conscious evolutionaries reading this newsletter. Are you one of them? If you are tech-savvy and good with people, and want to help make the evolutionary spirituality wiki a hospitable space, e-mail today. In the next few weeks, he will convene one or more conference calls for those who respond to get to know each other, and find a person or team to take leadership responsibility for seeing this project through.