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December 2006

====  Video Game Review ====


The Revolutionary Evolutionary Game


by Shane Dowd, 21

I watched the demo-video of the video game "Spore." I was actually very, very impressed. Spore appears to be 6 different games jam-packed into one massively impressive open-ended evolutionary story that is only limited by the player's imagination. It looks like it could be an awesome evolutionary teaching tool because it is so interactive. If it wasn't called Spore it could be called Sim-Everything because that's basically what it is. Definitely something to be excited about!

and Lion Kimbro

There's a computer game called "Spore" that should be very interesting to the people involved with evolutionary spirituality.

Make sure that you see the video of it, on Google Videos. It will load immediately, no long wait time.

In case you're reading on, because you need some justification to see it, it demonstrates:

Oh, you're still reading this!

Okay, then I need to still tell you some more things, to get you to go see it.

Just watch the video already!

It'd be a huge shame if the evolutionary spirituality community was not up on this game.

Computer simulation is an important element in our future evolution. We developed minds, and they too run simulations: "What will happen if I do X? What will happen if I do Y?"

That this game was made, completely independently of the evolutionary spirituality groups, can be taken as a sign that now is the time for this movement. When you are talking with the younger generation, you can point them to things such as this game, and use it as a vehicle for your conversation.