Evolutionary Life

Voices of the Emerging Movement for Conscious Evolution

March 2008

====  Poetry ====

Sun Being Meditation by Tom Atlee

Fiddling by Tom Atlee


Sun Being Meditation

by Tom Atlee

The sun has been churning out energy
in all directions --
more energy than we can comprehend
in all directions --
for billions of years.

We, 93,000,000 miles away,
have been soaking up
a mere billionth of all that energy.

And from that minuscule fraction
of the sun's eons of churning
has come all the wind
and the rain
and the magic of photosynthesis
and thus
practically every motion
by every organism
since the beginning of life.

And so we find that every act of life
for over three billion years
is a direct manifestation
of the earth's loving bond with the sun.

My writing this
is a solar event.
Your reading it
is a solar event.

Take another breath, sunshine.
You are all that is, around here.


by Tom Atlee


Evolution doesn't make things new from scratch.
It takes a lot of work to find something that works
and then it fiddles with it and makes variations on it

are a result of that fiddling.
is a result of that fiddling.

So now we --
late bright fiddlers on the scene --
find ourselves in the midst
of a timed test,
to see if we can fiddle more consciously,
intensely, brilliantly aware of
we are fiddling.

But first, it seems, sadly,
we must fiddle drunk while burning
our own earth empire,
barely aware
of what we are doing.

Deep inside our collective noise,
I hear the greatest music teacher,
Natural Selection,
reminding us, sternly,
to get serious soon
and practice, practice, practice
fiddling consciously,
awake, sober, wise...

Because as Evolution
comes awake,
we become its playing.

And if it rolls back to sleep
we'll be gone.