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December 2006

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Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd


EDITOR'S NOTE: Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco wrote an essay on "The Edge" website that she called "The Greatest Story Ever Told" in which she imagined (among other remarkable things) "evangelists passionately espousing the beauty of evolution." She was also quoted in the New York Times saying “We should let the success of the religious formula guide us. Let’s teach our children from a very young age about the story of the universe and its incredible richness and beauty. It is already so much more glorious and awesome — and even comforting — than anything offered by any scripture or God concept I know.” I wrote and told her about Michael and Connie and the evolutionary spirituality movement. She replied that while she in no way believes in God nor in belief without proof, she believes in "glorifying the beauty of nature" and in "the spirituality of being an explorer of the cosmos" -- and hopes we can help people "find comfort and solace in knowing we are all eternally connected." Amen. -- Tom Atlee

Hello Friends! This is Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd, well into our fifth year of living entirely on the road, carrying the message of a 14 billion year sacred story of the Universe -- The Great Story -- to churches, colleges, schools, and other groups throughout North America.

September and October found us in NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND -- and November in SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND -- with both of us doing Sunday morning guest sermons at UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST churches, with follow-up workshops, and also several annual retreats for UU ministers and other leaders. Michael also flew down to Florida in order to speak to the annual Southeast regional gathering of UNITY ministers and leaders, held in St. Pete Beach.

We are deeply grateful to Clare and John Hallward, who invited us to stay in their summer home for September and October along the coast of Maine so that we could engage in creative projects in privacy and without having to keep moving around. Yes, the creative projects thrived (Michael is coming close to completing his book, Thank God for Evolution! How Science and Religion Are Spurring Each Other to Greatness, which will be published next fall.). And our souls were renewed by daily walks along the ocean (even in the chill air of late October, we were still jumping off a 15 foot cliff at high tide -- exhilarating!)

Late November will find us in New York, and New Jersey. Come December, our events are in Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and the two Carolinas. All events in January, February, and March are in Florida. If you live in any of those states, check out our ITINERARY to see which events are nearest to you.

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