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A sampling of approaches to Y2K-breakthrough activities

The theory and practice of Y2K Community Action,
Preparedness and Resilience

Answers to the question: What can I do about Y2K?

Your unique role in addressing Y2K

The Challenge of Nurturing Self-Organized Y2K Responses

Y2K Projects: Things we'd like to see done about Y2K

A call for a progressive Y2K agenda

Tom Greco on local currencies

Nancy Schimmel's thoughts and songs

The Y2K Children's Sunflower Project

A Y2K Guerilla Art Project

Personal stories of deepening and transformation in response to Y2K

The big picture: Strategizing a "Y2K Movement"

Visionary fiction to inspire Y2K-breakthrough work

The Year 2000: Social Chaos or Social Transformation by John L. Petersen, Margaret Wheatley, Myron Kellner-Rogers

Y2K Contingency Planning Notes

The Millennium Salons

An on-line forum where people come to ask and answer questions about Y2K. The questions and answers get sorted out into a reference library for everyone. An amazing idea. To find out more about it, click here. To participate in it, click here.

Year 2000 Community Preparedness Listservs

Here are two community preparedness listservs hosted by Oregon Public Networking in Eugene, Oregon. These lists discuss community preparedness issues resulting from potential century-date-change (CDC) complications impacting the nationally and internationally shared infrastructures of power, fuel, food, telecommunications, currency, and community services through several means. There has been quite a bit of traffic (30 messages/day in early June) on the unmoderated one. Try them both and see which serves your needs. They're free, of course.

UNMODERATED: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to the Regional Preparedness Listserv:
Send email To:
Message: subscribe year2000 [type your name in here] ----end

MODERATED: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to the Northwest Year 2000 Regional Preparedness Listserv:
Send email To:
Message: subscribe y2kforum [type your name in here - no brackets]

An online reader-rated discussion group for Y2K mutual aid

The Global Ideas Bank is opening an online discussion group where people can discuss Y2K problems and mutual aid and other responses to it.

People can rate each other's contributions for their interest values. I would be interested to know if this works on your machine.

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