Well Wishes for Robert Theobald



Robert Theobald
June 11, 1929 ­ November 27, 1999



Opening Words of Robert Theobald's Memorial Celebration, Dec. 11, 1999

at Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane
Lay Leader ­ Susan Virnig

"It is time to build community again,
To share what we have,
And to experience miracles.

It is time to live,
Expecting grace
and finding it,
Even hourly,
In the midst
Of our harried lives."
--from Stone Soup, in Reworking Success

With these words of Robert Theobald, let us gather today in remembrance, in celebration and in affirmation.

Robert lived his life in the firm, unshakeable belief that fundamental change is vital, that we must create a profoundly new way of envisioning our world. He lived his life as "a song for calling out the light" in each one of us, with the unwavering belief that every one of us can make a difference in this world.and that it is critical, in this time of crisis -- this time of great opportunity and grave danger -- that each one of us, in our own way, stand and do so.

Let us gather today in remembranceof the dear friend, the cherished family member, the colleague who learned from and with us, the man fascinated by ideas and fiercely devoted to social change, to creating a more just society integrated with and respectful of the planet that holds us.

Let us gather today in celebrationof Robert's life, his ideas and his vision; in celebration of the joy and kindness and humor he brought to his friends and family; the dozens of books he wrote and the hundreds of speeches he gave; his unrelenting perseverance in pursuing a better world; and especially the hope and self-belief that he instilled and inspired in so many thousands of people throughout the world.

Let us gather today in affirmationto acknowledge and affirm Robert's vision that
each one of us, [living our life fully] and following the prompting of our heart, can make a profound difference: let us become a people who live our lives "to provide the music for the stars to go dancing circles in the night."

Glimpses from Around the World
Samples of Light


Many people, all around the world send e-mails in the month Robert was moving from life to death.

What's included here is just a sampling of some of the many things people who were influenced by Robert, who knew him from afar, or who loved him dearly had to say.

In our service today they represent the vast web of light which embraced Robert as he was dying.

Many blessings

Dear Bob:

Here are some brief "family messages" which you may like to read at your planned Memorial Celebration on Saturday.

From Elizabeth:

Robert has been a constant in my life. We have never lived close together as adults but we have visited most of Rob's homes and have spent quality time together.

While still in Europe Rob visited us in Scotland driving a delicate and elderly car with bald tires, and we enjoyed his hospitality on two occasions in Paris.

In Eastern N. America Rob has visited us in Niagara Falls, Montreal and Toronto and we have stayed with him in Cambridge, Mass. and in New York. When he moved to Arizona we enjoyed his Western lifestyle and in New Orleans we experienced a different American city. In spite of his commitment to work he was always a pleasure to be with and he enjoyed ordinary living - picnics, sailing, going to the theatre, playing Scrabble.

Relayed briefly from Anne:

Robert's sister Anne wishes to say that though she has spent very little time with Robert as an adult, he has always been a very important part of her life.

From Wilfred:

Fifty years ago last September Robert, resplendent in the uniform of a Second Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, stood proxy for his father, absent in India, and gave Elizabeth in marriage. I was the lucky recipient. Thus began a relationship in which Robert became a second brother to me.

During the first year of our marriage Robert entered Cambridge with the intention of reading for the Mechanical Sciences Tripos (i.e. Engineering). He soon saw the light and switched to Economics.

His first appointment of note following graduation was to the OECD in Paris where we visited him on two occasions. I remember being impressed at the speed with which he quickly learnt to speak idiomatic French, accurately, fluently, and with a resolutely uncompromising English accent.

Then he moved to the United States and Harvard, where I guess he became disillusioned with academe. I think he was already sensing the social changes which were to arise from the frenetic economic growth during the last half of the century.

Anyway, he quit Harvard and Elizabeth has mentioned the exchanges of visits around the N. American Continent during the subsequent 40-odd years.

Robert and I have, like brothers regularly disagreed about many things. At one point I remember he suggested we might "work together". I did not take up the offer and our relationship has remained warm and entirely cordial ever since.

Lastly we would like to thank Robert's Spokane family for taking care of him and for "being there" for him when he was ill.

We are remembering the good times we had with Robert and we will be with you in
spirit in Spokane on Saturday, December 11th.

Elizabeth and Wilfred Lockett, with Anne Macnaughton


Dear Robert,

You are a gentle, powerful presence in my life (and in the lives of so many others) -- more like a mountain than a force, I think. The waters of our lives flow differently because you are here and have been with us so many years. And even as I daily pray for your recovery into full vitality, I know that you may be called elsewhere. I believe that even if you go, all those rivers will still keep flowing in the new directions you made possible. The lay of the land is different now because of your years of caring. I don't know how long I, myself, have to work this landscape; many of us may be going in the difficult times to come. But so much of what we do in our time remaining will move with the contours you set, hand in hand with people you've brought into our lives. I am so deeply happy to know you, and grateful that you have woven my voice into your own great work. I send you heartfelt hugs and poetry, and wish you clarity and love in the journey ahead. May all the peace and blessings you so often sent to us, come flowing back to you now.





O Great Center, spirit presence,
inside moments, moving silence,
knowing, vast, insistent River --
braiding time into forever,
pasts and futures, under, over,
chances, choices, sage and clover.
Life we play within your wish
(current world for swimming fish);
flowing takes us where you go.
But you are there: already know.



Who are you now,
waking up here,
life coming differently,
speaking like trees?

Over the path,
over the journey
their archway awaits, greener
than lightning, loving and shaking
with sunshine and leaves...

which pattern is woven now?

Yes: in your mind what design do the leaves weave
away among shadows and moonlight? Eh?
What is the pattern they're weaving with you?
Motions of journey, motions of loom.
And what does your leafy mind make of all this? --
shape-shifting, sleep-drifting, waking
and new...

Leaving. And weaving. And looming.
And soon:
What, tell me what will become
of All This?

The loom, it moves sweetly, tirelessly, tenderly
out toward forever, glistening with morning.



I want my bubble
to fill the whole universe:
I blow and blow... POP!



in darkness,
I don't know what you need,
I don't know what should happen.
I'm just trying to see,
to look closely, fully, together,
seeking a shard of light
in which to share
whatever happens to be there.
cannot know
how far we'll go
before it happens
or what
it is.



My fevered night ended with Life as a Whole,
with Life as the ebb and flow of wholeness becoming.
I saw an ocean of wholeness unfolding forever
in waves of accepting and healing and growing...

I watched waves of healing, sustaining, restoring
-- and they were Life becoming whole into something old.
I watched waves of growing, evolving, and learning
-- and they were Life becoming whole into something new.
I watched waves of accepting, seeing, and being
-- and they were Life becoming whole into now and here.

Past, present, future turned before my eyes
and in their timeless turning showed
that the flow of wholeness here
is the ebb of wholeness there,
And all I saw around me was a giant, deeply breathing sea of Wholeness
full of Life.

And as I healed, I saw my healing
challenge the Life that grew within my "sickness,"
the Life that fed upon this "me" I would make whole.
I watched the tide go in, the tide go out,
And with the tide my life was tossed

And suddenly I was the sea.
There's more to wholeness here than me:
This "me" is part of a larger living --
which is healing toward what was
(and it was whole),
which is growing towards what will be
(and it will be whole),
which is coming home into This
(and This is now so sweetly whole that I could cry) --
and so I see this "me" will finally die
towards greater wholeness
as others grow into the place I leave,
using piece by piece of me
to grow a wholeness of their own...

... while I turn one with a wind
that blows beyond wholeness
that flows through wholeness
that shows its face everywhere
healing and growing go on.

The crack becomes part of the vase,
the dream becomes always awake
as echoes of Wholeness ebb
and echoes of Wholeness flow
in oceans of Wholeness forever and ever
and on...



I know this is a difficult time, and that you will be receiving lots of


If it is possible to pass on to Robert that I will never be able to
measure how much he enriched my life, and that I hope that the little
whirlwind we started in Australia a few years ago helped him feel that
he still had a message to give, and that people were still more than
willing to listen.


I hope the next few days or weeks are as peaceful as they can be, and
that as Robert reflects on his 70 years he realises that he truly made a


I would also like to pass my wishes on to those who are caring for him
at this time, particularly you. I know that you have had your fair
share of sickness around you in recent times and I thank you the love
and care with which you live your life.


warmest regards, and my prayers are with you all.
Charles Brass



A few years ago a good friend of mine was rushed to the hospital with intense head pain. He was suffering from cancer and according to the cat scans his ventricles were in near collapse from the pressure of the
tumor, which would have spelled the end of his life. Steroids were pumped into him at he hospital and miraculously he came roaring back to life. His extended family was already on the way and so instead of
grieving his death they were given the rare privilege of honoring and savoring him in life. In addition the members of his community came together and in one extraordinary evening, bore witness to him and his
life... it was exactly like a eulogy except he was till alive, beaming through the experience, with his boys and wife witnessing the remarkable and wonderful testimonial of dear friends and people who only knew him
through the extension of his smile. He went onto live another five months, before he finally left his body.


I have always thought that we should be doing this for each other more often. That we should be willing to honor and say to the ones we love and care about exactly what we would say if they were not here. Why do
we wait for many to go before unfolding the depths of our appreciations? And such appreciation is then tinged by the inevitable sadness of the passing.


All of this is my way of framing an invitation that we honor and acknowledge Robert now... that we be willing to say all that we might say if he were gone... and I make this invitation with the clear invocation of the healing power of such articulated love. For whatever Robert is going through, the time we take to make clear and conscious our feelings towards him will, I deeply believe, aid in his healing... no matter what course that healing needs to take.


This then, is the beginning of my honoring...


I hear your voice Robert, clearly, like the morning sun announcing a new day, one in which I have only just begun to intimate the possibility of what our world could be...

I hear your voice, as one which has chosen to speak with fairness, consideration and above all hope, for what we can become as an emerging humanity....

This is a huge utterance on your part, an enormous symphony of life intent, and I know, only too well, the toil such an utterance makes upon the physical body..

I salute your courage to sound this voice and the steadfast adherence to your internal voice of guidance which has placed you at the trim tab of change...

Holding the tiller of a culture changing is a torrential task and your hands must be tired by now. It is a gift to us all that you have held so diligently to the task. I see your smile, a whimsical smile that comes only from one who has been busy listening to God's planning department... a smile which is steeped in the kindness necessary to love humanity, despite its narrow and self serving tendencies...

I feel the ascending arc of your mind as it reaches into pure idea and a place beyond pure idea so that reading your writing is like listening to the complete common sense of one's soul...

I am humbled by the intensity of your service to your calling...and I am deeply touched by the way in which you chose to give yourself away in the last few years. Only you could have truly know the tiredness of your body and yet your essence kept burning so much that I had trouble sleeping in the same house with you..
I am touched by the gestures of faith and friendship you accorded me.

simple lines of response in my email box which meant so much as I worked to articulate my own vision of the coming changes....I am, of course, saddened by the difficulties of your current time, but I also hear your voice even more distinctly and with a clarity of the dawn...

There is some great exchange going on... a fixing of the future even as the present may seem to tumble apart. This aspiration of hope is so much the essence of your grace. Thank you Robert, for bringing Hope into my world and into the world of so many....


and finally a quote which Maggie just placed before me, saying, "I thought of Robert when I saw this"...


I would rather be ashes than dust!...
that my spark would burn out in a
brilliant blaze
than it should be stifled by dry rot.
I would rather be a superb meteor....
I shall not waste my days in trying to
prolong them
I shall use my time.


-Jack London



I thought I'd share a little of my thoughts about Robert Theobald. I had the
wonder of running into the work you folks have been doing several yers ago
before the transform dealie got set up, and the whole thing was trying to
take form. There were enormous energy inputs from all of you that were
obvious to me. You were pressing forward in places where no real systems
existed, some of the most demanding, and most necessary work we face.


Over the years I have been aware of the larger trends in the work, but unable
to stay closely in touch. Then I heard of the satellite downlink this past
year, and for the first time saw Robert's face, and the warmth, caring, and
genuinenss that he exuded. It was that, even more than the extremely vital
resilient communities work that impressed me. It filled out the picture, and
increased even further the respect I have had for Robert's commitment.


As one who has been jumping into the deep end and coming out cold, dripping
wet, but exhilarated, I have marveled at how Robert has done this sort of
thing in style, doing swan dives, a few somersaults, and the occasional
cannonball! It has been, and whatever you share of this, please let him know
that, this has been a tremendous influence on my life.


In a time where I believe we must invest our time and caring into all we wish
to sustain, people like Robert are precious beyond words. We are doing
nothing less than creating a new image for mankind, a different way of
relating together, of being on our own, and of living in harmony with the
Earth. We are taking the first few steps into maturity as a species, still
suffering the fits of infantilism and adolsecence. We are learning to be our
own best parents, and our own best friends.


And we are learning to deal with change at every level. I heard a wise one
once say that if we're smart, we find a way to be in the place of a student,
a teacher, and a classmate in our lives. I have felt my own life touched by
Robert Theobald, and the many that he calls friends. I would not be as much
of who I am today without you all.


And now Robert's time is coming quickly, and I will no longer carry on the
hope to shake his hand and hear his hearty laugh in person. I don't even know
if he'll hear this message, or remember who I am. So it is my challenge too,
in this transition. Mine to be true to what I feel in my bones, to carry on
as I know he would like me to, and to feel no shame in grieving the loss of a
distant friend and mentor. Perhaps most of all, i should celebrate the chance
for a life so fully lived, and so widely shared.... for a man who has touched
thousands or millions with his wisdom, compassion, and humor. i do all of
these, tonight, as I lay down from a long tiring trip of my own, and as I
send every bit of warmth and gratitude I can for the grace that Robert
Theobald has laid at the feet of his fellow humans. I hope to complement him
as I too move closer to the next world, and the higher work waiting there.


I look forward then, to the handshake and twinkling smile I will have to miss
for now. Peace to you Bob, and to dear Robert. My love envelopes all around


With hope, and good cheer,


Tony Novelli
Tucson AZ

I would also like to propose we send our love and thoughts to Bob as well.
He has been gifted with the work of stewarding Robert, (and others in his
life) during this most mysterious of transitions: life to beyond life as we
know it. His selflessness in this work is evident and the work he has done
to be in this place right now is to be honored.


You may know others who are close family to Robert now, and they can use
your support too, which I am sure you all realize.


I am envisioning a giant matrix of light, like a spider's web, beginning
large and circular and moving inward with increasing luminosity. Beginning
from the outer edges- light submitted by those of us, like myself, who just
barely know each other, gaining dimension, strength and clarity with the
contributions of those who have increasing intimacy with Bob, and others who
are that close to Robert. In the immediate area around the center, Bob and
others intimate with Robert have almost blinding light, ours passing through
them and their own added. Robert, in the center, held by this intentional
luminosity and his own light added to guide him to the next step,


There is much to be thankful for, even in our grief.

Dear Robert,


I find it hard to write such an important letter by email. Somehow,
the ease and immediacy of this technology does not seem appropriate for
messages at such a deep level.....


All week I have thought about you in my prayers and hoped that you are
feeling sustained both by the outpouring of love and energy from your
friends and the comfort of knowing that your life has made a difference
to an immeasurable number of people, immeasurably. I am also conscious
that it is all very well for me to sit here rejoicing in the many ways
you have touched so many of us, when you are struggling with pain and
trying to make the most of each day.


Today I went to church. I learned that our Diocese is seeking, by
means of a prayer vigil to be observed in every parish for 24 hours on
Nov. 27-28, to discover what may be God's will for the Diocese as we
enter the new millennium - people asked to spend one hour each in
silent prayer in their respective churches during the vigil. Later, I
saw a short video of the bishop walking along the seashore, talking
about the strength he gets from watching the age-old tides ebbing and
flowing in their natural rhythm, and also reflecting on the many
references to events in Jesus's life that took place on the sea shore.
He spoke of change, of envisioning the questions and how to respond to
them. And I thought how well you have anticipated this (I have talked
to our bishop about your work). So I tell you this as I feel it is
another instance of the ripples that continue on and on from your life.


(The 2nd step from this vigil will be collecting and categorising the
directions coming from the vigil. The 3rd willbe deciding how to
organize.) I will be in prayer at St. John's 9 - 10 pm on 27th.


Bob says that you feel your life is complete. That seems true from my
vantage point. But how wonderful (and rare) to feel that about
oneself. I cannot think of a higher reward than that. Certainly so
richly deserved.


And surely the validity of these last years has been confirmed by the
extraordinary extension of life you were granted in order to give
Australia such a boost to its own understanding and start in preparing
for the rapids of change (I love that title). It is a mystical and
hugely uplifting example of the promise "Seek and you will find" and
"ask, and it will be given to you".


I hope that your devoted friend in Australia will be with you shortly,
if not already, and that you will have the joy of her companionship
after so long walking alone.


I will write soon. I'd like to send you flowers, but will wait a
little - we don't want you to feel overwhelmed!


With love and blessings, as ever,


Mary June



Thanks for your eloquent song of the soul. Robert is indeed fortunate to
have you as his bard during this time of transition. Please extend my
profound admiration and love to Robert, my sense that this world is a far
healthier, more robust, compassionate, and systemically wise place because of
his presence and contributions, and my trust that his next journey will be
equally consequential.


I am holding Robert, you and yours in my heart and prayers: the stars sing
for joy at the wonder of such a loving embrace for this great warrior.





Dear Robert


I think you will be receiving so much mail. Mine will be one of many,
sending love and light to you. I hope you can spend some time to
reflect with me on our friendship.


Robert, you are an inspiration and leading light to so many of us here
in Australia. It is amazing how many connections I make on a daily
basis by mentioning your name. So many people have been touched by your
wisdom and words and I just wanted to let you know that I am receiving
calls from people who have heard that you are sick and who want to wish
you well..


I want to thank you for giving of your time and energy to us here in
Melbourne and particularly to myself. I have learnt so much from just
being around you and observing your calmness and clarity of thoughts and
feelings. There have been few real teachers in my life - you are one of
the most precious. I learn so much from you and at the same time, feel
you have learnt from me - this is your way.


I hope you received your sunflower in the mail. If not, it should
arrive soon.


I will write again.
Love and Peace
June Muir


Dear Bob,

I know you must be inundated with messages for Robert, but I would ask a
special favour.

I have kept my message short, and I would like someone to read it to
Robert. Even if he is unconscious he will hear it.





Dear Robert,

If I want to write to you while you are still alive, I need to do it now,
and I find myself quite unprepared for such a task. Meeting you has
enriched my life and given focus to my wish to make a difference to the
world: to leave it a better place than I entered it. The memories that I
cherish are of the quiet times we spent together and the encouragement you
gave me, and the inspiration you left me with.

Rabbi Tarphon said "The day is short and the work is great and the
labourers are sluggish and the reward is much ... It is not your duty to
complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it (Ethics of
the fathers, verses 20 and 21).

My blessing for you, as you leave us for the long night, is that you go
gently, knowing that you did not desist from the task, and that you
inspired others to work towards its completion.

With love forever and always, as long as my memory holds

Dr Helen Gardner


The news of Robert Theobald's imminent death has profoundly moved me.


I want, firstly, to send you, personally, my most heart-felt compassion. The
bonding which you and Robert have cultivated, each for the other, is live's
greatest gift, and deepest intimacy. Go gently with your friend, as he
completes his life journey on this plane, and know that the loving energy of
the Universe will hold each of you, as you say your good-byes, and as you
part from one another, on the physical level.


I want, secondly, to let you know, as well as Robert, if he is still able to
hear this, that Robert's life has touched me in ways that I have not even
yet realized. I am now in Toronto, and I have a job that provides me with an
opportunity to 'make meaning' in my life and the lives of many others. My
life has been transformed, and the time spent with Robert, with the
satellite video-conferences, and with QLN have changed the direction and the
purpose of my life. My prayers are with both of you , and will remain so,
as The Light in Robert is Transformed. All love and blessings.

Eleanor Belfry-Lyttle


Dear Bob,
Although I have only met Robert but once, I have been deeply touched by your
words here Bob, and David's and Kim's messages as well. I offer this to you
because of the way it just kind of fell into my hands as I sat down at my
at my bedside to pray for Robert a few moments ago. I first looked in my
dresser drawer for a book I wanted to look through. My book was gone and
what was there was this old zerox sheet from the original book "What Dreams
May Come" which I hadn't seen in years. The page that was lying there face
up was this and it was written to someone in the book named Robert- I had
the strongest urge to send it to you. So I am. It is nothing we don't know,
it is simple, so I sent it to Robert by way of a prayer. I have had two
near death experiences and this would have been a gentle reminder. There is
grace. I send this with love, Jennifer


"Life on earth is only a panorama of vivid observations which seem real to
Why should afterlife seem less real?
Let me not confuse you though. It will seem real enough to you.
And, please, my brother Robert do not fear it.
Death is not the king of terrors.
Death is a friend.
Consider it this way. Do you fear to sleep at night?
Of course not, because you know that you will wake again.
Think of death the same way. As a sleep from which you will inevitably
True life is a process of becoming.
Death is a stage in this progression.
Life is not followed by un-life. There is only a single continuity of
We are part of a plan, never doubt that. A plan to bring each one of us to
the highest level of which we are capable. The way will be dark at times
but it leads, assuredly, to light."


Dear Robert,


Well, well. You are back home to Spokane and everything has changed
again. Or everything is just continuing to move along. You are facing a
new transition and challenge, one whose outcome is not yet certain. And
you have done so much with the period of well-being and health that you
have just come through. Your friend, Anne, will be there with you soon.
And Bob and Susan and your healing circle are there for you.


And countless other people are there as well. I am one of them. I've
been holding you and sending energy to you in various ways. Sometimes I
feel I do connect deeply and energetically with you - and have realized
that this connection is one that will not be limited by time, space, or
even the existence of your physical body. I no longer just believe that
to be true, I have experienced it to be so.


I wish I could be close by and participate in some of the conversations,
discussions, plans, and being together. But I will participate as fully
as I am able from here.


You are a special person, Robert, and I am so fortunate to be one of
those who has the opportunity to spend time with you and to know you in
some small ways.


Since I am at this distance, the most I can offer to you is my energies,
which I will continue to send. Please let me know if you become aware of
a particular form of energy - or thought - that you would like me to
direct toward you. I am close by in that way.


Much love to you today,

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 15:57:01 -0500
From: Jim Lord

I shall, dear Bob. This was a most touching, and saddening note.
Tell Robert, that he is in our hearts, in our thoughts, and in our prayers.
With love,

From: Chris Desser
Subject: Re: Send Prayers and Energy, My Friends

Dear Bob: please let Robert know that I am thinking of him with love. Chris

From: Ernie Denny

Reply to: RE: Send Prayers and Energy, My Friends

it will be my honor to send prayers and energy to this fine person with high-definition intellect and a charming sense of humor ... and, with robert's permission, i further offer to explore complementary distance healing assistance
your pal,

From: Greg
Subject: Re: Send Prayers and Energy, My Friends

Bob, my kind and loving thoughts are with Robert.
Be with peace.
Gregory Kramer

From: Helen Gardner

Dear Bob,
Thanks for letting me know. It is almost exactly what I suspected and feared, but I've always preferred to know what I'm dealing with. Reality (for me) is always preferable to fantasy.
I won't write about my feelings. I don't have words for them anyway. But you have my love and blessings as you care for Robert in his dying, and I will certainly send prayers and energy for Robert too.

From: Brian Robert Lederer

Hi Bob,
I've been to a lot of Robert's meetings etc, including a small one with some well known Australians in Paddington recently.
I'm writing because I've experienced some success with alternative cancer remedies including mistletoe which I'm able to get from Germany. My mother had a bowel cancer operation 4 years ago and the pathology report said that half of the 19 removed lymph nodes were cancerous. She was supposed to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy but rejected this. She consented, reluctantly, to try the alternative approach: vitamin C, selenium, fruit juices, vegetarian food, and mistletoe. Six months ago she had a colonoscopy with no sign of recurrence.
I'm currently helping a friend with liver cancer - a giant tumour - but his situation doesn't look too good.
If I can help, please let me know.

Both Bobs,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. The two of you have been
colleagues for many many years. Long before I met you in Seattle in
1976. Miracle do happen and for both of you my energy goes toward one.

Bill Ellis

From: Michelle Johnson
Subject: inspiration and mentorship to young and old alike


I had the pleasure and priviledge to see Robert speak in Vancouver just about 2 years past. He resonated a number of messages that I identified with, but that I had heard very few of my elders echo or acknowledge.

One of those was the state of our current educational
system, the other our loss of our sense of community
and the current state of the environment. His eloquent
and wise manner has stayed with me and I can only hope
that he will not suffer a great deal of pain in his
treatment/recovery process.

I thank Robert for his hard work and I will carry his
message in my mind and heart for all of my days as
will the thousands of others I am sure he has touched,
if only briefly in his life.

As I work on issues similarily related, I can only
seek to emulate Robert's ardent dedication for the
length of my life.

I wish you all the best Robert and I send you my love
and a promise to honour and echo your work in mine for
a long time to come.

As I live and breathe,

Michelle Johnson

Thank you for letting us know about Robert's health. I am sending my best
wishes and hopes to him. I also want to send him a note and a newspaper
with an article I think he might like. Would you please send me his mailing

Peter K. Scheffler, AICP, Environmental Coordinator
Tennessee Valley Authority
Economic Development

Dearest Bob and Robert,

I, too, believe in miracles. I will remember Robert and you in my daily prayers and thoughts. I feel fortunate to have met Robert last time I visited you. He is both a gentle soul and a sharp intellectual who appreciates life.

Elizabeth and Bal

This is indeed a celeberation! For who among us can claim to be leaving
without having given more than they have taken and will have left behind a
legacy into the bargain.

Much can be said and has been said: We all know of the many levels on
which we connected with Robert: Suffice for us both to say that
inadvertently there has been a steady ache in our hearts for the departure
of someone extra special who came all too briefly into our lives. But we
celebrate that he came at all.

The first visit Robert left a sweater hanging in the wardrobe. " To make
sure I come back" he said. This time he took everything.

Safe travels beautiful soul. We miss you.

It is almost two years since I first met Robert Theobold in Sydney. At
the time I particularly recall meeting with Robert and Bob Stilger over
a meal where we talked about a new initiative I was developing, "Sydney

It remains in my memory as a seminal moment in the crafting of the
program. Robert instantly captured the essence of 'leadership of the
spirit' as we danced through the infinite possibilities of a society
where the spirit prevailed and where a critical mass of people lead from
the heart.

I was struck by the breadth and courage of his vision. He believed that
local solutions and a commitment to the common good were the keys to
creating a resilient and sustainable society for future generations.

In the short time I knew Robert I saw him engage with and inspire
diverse audiences with his unique ability to capture the essence of what
connects us.

I also had the privilege of spending time with with him socially and
came to appreciate his scholarship, his wit, his glorious sense of
whimsy and his constant ability to jump outside the square, turn ideas
around and reshape them into ever bigger and more fascinating visions.

The world has lost a truly good man.

With love
Jane Schwager

Dear Robert,

I wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you as you, once again, meet the challenge before you. You don't know it, but your support and encouragement has meant more to me than I can express here, now, or perhaps ever. You may remember me as the guy in Ashland who created those folding triangles. Well, you have to realize that you were the first person to really see the potential of those simple little placards. No one else thought much about them until you mentioned them in your speech here last June. You helped open the eyes of some, and, with time, perhaps many others will come to see that these triangle gizmos can help build resilient communities, particularly during times of crisis.

Thought you would want to know that we tested the Cygnus Triangles again here in late October. They worked great! Included were a retirement community, a mobile home park, two large apartment complexes, the University Family Housing Complex, and several typical neighborhoods in town. By the way, "Cygnus" derives from the star constellation by that name which is easily found by locating three of the brightest stars in the Milky Way which form a huge triangle. I'll not forget you as I look at that constellation and remember that you were the first. Maybe something will come of the Cygnus Triangles idea and maybe not, but more important to me is knowing that someone I respect so much thought it was a good idea.

Just wanted you to know that all your vision, your efforts, your writings, your compassion, and your immense ability to care so deeply have been and will continue to be inspiration to so many of us.

Continued blessings as you conquer the challenges ahead.

Wayne Schumacher
Ashland, OR

We are listening. And we are praying. Thank you, Robert, for your presence among us.
With prayerful regards,
Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D., M.S. Acupuncture
Natural Medicine Services
Seattle, WA, USA

When Robert had to cut short his recent visit to Australia, I guessed that his cancer was the main reason. So your email message to Helen, sad as it was, did not come as a surprise.

Please pass on to Robert my sincerest good wishes and prayers for the coming months. I shall always remember our chance meeting at Queen's University in Canada in 1996. His lunchtime talk to staff and students was full of vitality and good sense, and had a powerful effect on Helen, who has dedicated much of her volunteer time over the past three years to promoting Robert's vision here. I have happy memories of the Melbourne Town Hall meeting, his presentation at the Australian Catholic University and a dinner party in our home. Unfortunately, I did not get to see him on this trip: we'd planned to attend his public meeting debating with Professor Blainey at RMIT, but that meeting was cancelled at the last minute.

Please pass on my thanks to Robert for everything that he has done. He is one of those rare people who influences others to make the world a better place. It seems unlikely that we shall meet again; I will remember our meetings with fondness.

(Dr) Paul Gardner

From: Wanda Ballentine
Subject: Re: Send Prayers And Energy, My Friends

I just returned from the Bioneers Conference, where a couple of cancer remedies were discussed that reportedly have had good success with difficult cancer cases. Theobald may have already tried all these things, I don't know, but, for what it's worth.

One is the Hoxsey solution, which has been around since the 20s - at one
time there were 17 clinics. He begged the AMA to do research on the formula, but the AMA derided it. However, after checking the records, they wanted to buy the formula from Hoxsey, but because he insisted that it should always be available to anyone who couldn't pay for free, they wouldn't go for it. So they started a smear campaign against him.
However, he actually won a lawsuit against the main litigant, the editor of JAMA. But eventually the FDA closed the clinics, and it has existed ever since at the Biomedical Center in Tijuana. Interest revived several years ago, and a nurse, Catherine Salveson, was so impressed she got a Ph.D. in research to work on it - she spoke at the conference - she's at Oregon Health Sciences University.

Another contact is Kenny Ausubel, who made a prize-winning documentary on
Hoxsey. He's at the Collective Heritage Institute, 826 Camino de Monte
Rey, #A6, Santa Fe, NM 87505, 1-877-246-6337; hisf@bioneers.org;

The other remedy is yew preparations that are not taxol, which is a synthetic of the natural yes. Taxol evidently has unpleasant side effects, which using the plant itself does not produce, and evidently the latter is more successful with a variety of cancers. One woman claimed she cured herself of ovarian cancer by making a tea of the yew needle tips. These yew preparations are available at Apple Health Foods, Sequoia Station, 1011 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063, 650-368-3124. They have a mail order service, 1-800-67APPLE; fax, 650-368-0206. There are 4 products:
Vital Yew Tea, 20 bags for $15.95; Vital Yew Capsules, 60 300mg, $23.95;
Vital Yew Tincture, 1 oz., $11.95. There is also a salve, but they didn't
have that in stock when I was there. Valerie, Apple's owner, recommended 6
capsules a day or 15 drops of the tincture 4-5 times/day.

The manufacturer is TriMedica, Inc., POB 13837, Scottsdale, AZ 85267, 602-998-1041. Valerie said she thinks the company sells only to distributors, but on the tape, the speaker said their Home Care branch handles orders, and gave their number: 800 555-2873 (that may be 559 - hard to hear on tape).

Hope this may be of some use.

Thanks for sending this note. Please wish Robert my warmest wishes and deepest support. He's been a god-send to this earth.

Much Love,
Sally Goerner

We're so sorry to hear about this. Robert must be going through so much I can only imagine. I've not got cancer but I have been dealing with pre-cancerous cells which have needed surgery twice now and I only hope that we've got them this time. It has been for me a very powerful experience and I can only imagine what Robert must be experiencing. Please tell him that we all send out love to him in very large doses...and will be thinking about him daily.
We'll always cherish the time we spent with you that afternoon in the summer
sunshine. WArmly, Linda Wolf

Dear Bob,
I am sorry to hear that Robert's cancer is again with him. Please pass on my love...I will hold him in my daily practice...
In belief of life's mysteries,

you have created and spread such beautiful energy. this will resonate and merge with the continual unfolding of the universe. know this now and always.
with love, light and energy,


And OK. Thanks be for the invaluable two years since the surgery, prayers now for the grace and strength to deal with whatever comes next. Ann Medlock, President

Rest assured all my thoughts and prayers are with Robert at this time. I am very sorry to hear your news, as I have been greatly inspired by Robert's work and consider that we in Australia have been truly blessed by the amount of time and effort he has spent over here in recent times.
Love and peace,
Brent Hoare

Brent Hoare
Executive Officer
Greenchill Technology Assn Inc

Dear Bob,
I am praying for Robert. Please get in touch with Jane Katra through the website www.espresearch.com. I have just read the book "Miracles of Mind" by Russell Targ and Jane Katra, (explores nonlocal consciousness and spiritual healing.) Jane is an immune-system coach and might work with Robert. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

I have been listening to Robert's tapes and find them so excellent.
Love, Jean Barker



What tragic news! This must be weighing very heavily on you. I know how much of your life you have dedicating in linking your work to Robert's, and in recent times in linking the rest of your life as well. Your support for him has made most of what he has accomplished in the past couple of years possible. Your gift to him has been substantial, as has the result of him having received it. You both have grace, and are both in our prayers. I will also include Robert in the prayer circle at our church, which he as visited. He did two workshops there, and his energy persists in the sanctuary.

Don Campbell

Thank you for notifying us-and you may be certain that he is in our earnest prayers for a MIRACLE for he's a VERY good person and the world needs his energy so much ---
He's always an inspiration, Bob.\
Jacqueline Scott
Oregon 8:35 PM 11/11/99

From: "Judith A. Snow"

Praying and sending love.

Subject: Re: Send Prayers And Energy, My Friends


Bob, I'm sorry to hear that Theobald's health has taken a bad turn.
I have no direct experience with the following, but if I had cancer, I'd
be inclined to try it.
Tom Greco

Dear Bob,

This is very sad news. I've always known that cancer can recur; one of my friends is going through it now. But that doesn't make it any easier for Robert or for the rest of us.

Robert's work is far too important to rule out treatment for the cancer. I hope he will do whatever his doctors suggest.

In the meantime, I hope Robert can continue applying himself to the work he loves so deeply, thus giving his friends and the world yet another example of courage in adversity. This is as much a gift as is his work with Resilient Communities: we humans don't give up easily.

I send my strength and energy to Robert and hope for his full recovery.

Come on, Robert. Come on...!

My very best personal wishes to you, to Robert and to the entire team,



(your other email address keeps bouncing back as not good.. thought I would try this one)

Can you guide me a bit regards Robert. Is he open to phone calls? Who is taking care of him directly? Where is he? I heard he wants to find a warm climate to rest in.. is this true?


I have a fairly extensive background in healing disciplines as well as some medical clairvoyence and wonder if this part of my being would be of help to him....

maybe a phone chat about him would be in order... call me if so. 907 463-3216

nice to see your warm smile at the conference.... it was too fast for me, too many large meetings... but rewarding non the less...

David LaChappell

Dear friends,

My colleague and mentor Robert Theobald-who is also the first person I
ever heard speak of community resilience for Y2K-has had a recurrence of
the cancer he had two years ago, and is critically ill. Recovery would be
a miracle, but miracles happen. The last two years have been
extraordinarily rewarding for him, both at a personal level and in his
invaluable work for the world (he had another book published about cultural
transformation REWORKING SUCCESS and has a few more in the pipeline + his
transformational perspective has become extremely popular in Australia).
Those of us who know him, want very much for him to heal and/or for him to
live whatever months or years he has left fully and well, as he has done in
the past. If you know Robert-and perhaps even if you don't, but are
willing-please send him your prayers or best wishes, or maybe include
this great spirit in your dreams or meditations, perhaps asking for his
healing, perhaps for "whatever is the greatest good."

May he have greater life, in whatever form it takes.

Thank you all for your best intentions, for Robert and for the world.
There are a lot of us on this list. We can make a difference.


Tom Atlee

Dear Bob:

My mother, Mary June Pettyfer, forwarded your message re. Robert.

If you see him, please tell him that my energy and prayers are with him.
And I do send him my love.

With my best regards and thanks

Robin Pettyfer

Dear Bob,

No doubt you will be inundated with people offering suggestions of
alternative treatments of one kind and another. I read about this one two
years ago, and it may be worth pursuing, now that conventional medicine has
declared all to be lost.

The book was called "Light - Medicine of the Future", by Jacob Liberman,
Bear & Co, Santa Fe NM, (1991), and in the back it had a list of
practitioners. It's available on Amazon.com, for $13.56, (1992 paperback)
ships out in 24 hours. It was somewhat over the top, claiming that light
could be used as a treatment for just about everything, but it did have
lots of references, and some of them were in quite reputable journals, tho'
I forgotten which now.

It had a chapter on cancer, in which it claimed that there was evidence
(with references) regarding a new treatment for cancer which involved
injecting some special dye which was taken up exclusively by cancer cells.
When light was subsequently shone on these cells, a chemical reaction took
place which caused them to die. It noted that the treatment was ineffective
for cancers which were deeply seated within the body, where current
techniques meant that light could not reach them, but that was before 1991.

On the one hand, you would expect that if they really had found an
effective treatment, it would be in use by now. On the other hand, they may
still be so marginalised that no-one's listening. All the stuff on the web
on light therapy now focuses on its use for seasonal affective disorder and
jet lag, so maybe nothing came of the cancer treatment.

Just thought I'd pass it on. Along the lines of God helps those who helps
themselves, when you're in need of a miracle it's sometimes worth pursuing
alternative means.



Dear Bob,
I recently put a prayer request out for my critically ill mom and
miracles are happening. Know I extend the prayers to Robert. Thank
you for asking.
WIth love,
Robin Blanc

Best wishes to Robert Theobald. Many people in Australia are thinking of
Robert at this distressing time. It is hoped that Robert can regain his
strength to continue his all-important, inspirational, and truly pioneering
work for a better future.
· Nicholas Abbey
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Dear Bob,

My prayers certainly go to Robert...and to you, too. I've often found
comfort in the Emanuel books, which talk of dying as "stepping from a
crowded, smoke-filled room into a garden" and refer to the body as a
"spacesuit." "It is necessary for where you are." In so many ways,
Robert's energy will stay here, even as he goes on... I hope your next
few months will be better than you have (at this time) reason to expect.
Love, Sharon Farley

Dear Robert

I came this morning to finish this note and found that my start-up fragment
had somehow been sent.

I wanted to tell you that there are many of us here in Nova Scotia who are
hugely grateful for the fires that you started for us on your visit here -
and there will be hundreds of thousands more in this province who will
benefit from what you started in your crystal clear and energectic call for
"changes in our measures of success"

Many of those inspired by your admonitions are contributing major support
to the work now going on in the Province to develop a Genuine Progress
Index. The basic values to measure and the 20 indicators have been
developed with wide involvement both inside and outside the
"establishment". Statistics Canada is making extensive technical resources
available for the project and is treating it as a prototype for Canada.

The Citizens for Community Development Society, which was being formed
while you were here, also is embarking on a "Community Resilience" project
one half which is focussed on Community GPI as a redefinition of community
measures of success. The other half is attempting, community by community,
to develop links between all of the local community and interest groups.
The catalyst for his work is promotion of the concept of Community GPI as
a means to bring people together to shape common goals and measures as a
basis for community action. Also, the Society is developing an information
brokerage service to connect community users to providers of information
and training. It is our intention to have the service managed by people
from across the Province representing these community affiliations.

One more major effort that I have taken on through your inspiration is to
promote a restructuring of governance to incorporate capacity for system
building at the centre of government and its administration.

I have made a detailed presentation to the Premier and into the Public
through the Voluntary Planning Task Force on Fiscal Management that has
been set up by this new government to advise on restructuring government

With you in the chair behind me, I have also succeded in getting the
Reform Party of Canada to set up a task force to explore the academic work
and (limited) experience on restructuring of governance to support systemic
change based on the new measures of success - again using the GPI as the
practical tool.

As I was thinking of you as you cope with the realities of the human
condition, I looked back over key points that affected direction in my own
life. I found five, and the last one was the strange coincidence of
listening to you on the radio, I think in 1996, on a car ride back from a
community development meeting in Kings County. You were talking about
measures of success and about about the idea of using the net to gain broad
public participation in your preparation of the upcoming Massey Lectures.
The follow-up from that has certainly changed my life and is reverbarating
with increasing volume and harmony throughout the lives of many in this

I wish you well Robert and I wish you maintenace of the strength that has
kept you on your bold and enlightend road for all of these years.

God Bless You

Leonard Poetschke


Please tell Robert he is in my prayers. Let me also suggest that you
contact Norman McKenzie a friend of mine who was diagnosed with late 3th
stage esophageal cancer about six months ago, and who appears to have cured
himself with a radical, intense (but not unduly unpleasant or harmful)
cleansing and nutrition program. He, and his wife Susan Leland, have become
quite articulate about this. I know that this is a clinical anecdote, from
a medical layman, not research, but this can't hurt, and could save Robert's

You have probably already put Robert on the prayer lists but, on the chance
that you have not yet, or may not know of them, here are the contacts:
Prayer Groups
(816) 969-2000 Silent Unity
(757) 428-3588 Glad Helpers (ask for Meredith Puryear and the prayer list,
mention that I recommended the contact)

Please keep me apprised.


Dear Bob & Robert,

Gordon and I have lit a candle and are praying for easy breathing and
healing in whatever mode is right.

Know that my love and gratitude are with you both. Please call if
there's anything I can do.

With all best grace,


Stephen Silha



I am so sorry to hear of your recent situation. I wanted to let you know that
I have enjoyed our ongoing conversations, the virtual campfires that you
hosted and also working with you (although briefly) last year in Seattle. You
have definitely inspired me towards continuing work in the sustainable
communities area. My thoughts are with you and I want to wish you the very
best in these times ahead.
Bill Ulrich


What devastating news. What a time to lose such a leader, such an
encourager. I pray that his remaining time is peaceful and as free of pain
as possible.

Losing a beloved friend is no easy process, either. My prayers and energy
come to you, as well. Take care.
Betsy Barnum

Dear Robert Theobald Boddhisattva of change.
You are on my prayerlist for a speedy and total recovery. (- your mother's
name is helpful in intercession - please send it to me.)
May God grant you the years and vigor to enjoy your amazing life's harvest.
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi


In concealment You dwell Most High
Almighty, You you linger in the shadow.

I say to You YHVH
You are both my safe haven
and my prison
I must trust You my God.

You save me from entrapment
from putrid scourge.

You cover me under Your shelter
You keep me safe under Your wings
I am protected by Your truth.

(I am assured by You)
Do not panic
facing night's terror,
a bullet shot in broad daylight,
a blight creeping in the murky dark,
a wasting plague at high noon.

You will not be harmed
though a thousand fall near you
a myriad at your right hand.

Just you keep looking steadfastly ahead
and you will see
how the malicious will
get their rebuke.

Yes You YHVH are my defense
At home with You I am Ruth
high beyond reach.

(You assure me)
No mishap will befall you
your tent will be safe from harm.

Angels are appointed to care
and watch over you
wherever you are.

They will bear you high
on their hands
You will not strike your foot
against a stone.
Snakes and wildcats
will avoid you
lions and serpents
will get out of your way.

(You assure me)
Because you long for Me
I will rescue you
I will raise you up
because you know My Name.

When you call Me
I will answer you
I will free you and esteem you.

I will make you contented
with your lifespan
and I will have you witness
how I bring deliverance.

We are full of gratitude for all you have done to make a better world-and
all you will still be doing!
You make a difference!
We hope and pray for another remission.

With much love,
Ellie and Jack Atlee

From: Nancy Potter

I will keep Robert T in my prayers; I know that they do work miracles, just as his life has done. I am so grateful for his candidness as an economist in reworking success and the inspiration his writing has given me in my work. Please pass this note of appreciation on to him along with my prayer for God's blessing. n

This brief reply is to let you know, and perhaps you can let Bob know, that
our prayers are with him. It is his own gifts that we return. Jan Drum

Hello Bob,

this is Hendrik. Thanks to Mary June we once met in Victoria at a townhouse
when you guys were on your way up to a retreat on one of the islands.We
also had exchanged some mail about Japan about a year and a half ago. For
over a year now i have been in Japan and from here i have been following
Robert Theobald's work.

I would like to ask you to pass on my regards and best wishes to Robert if
the cirumstances are suitable for this. Also, since i have never really
said it to him explicitly, my gratitude for gifts received in the form of
ideas, inspiration and skills.

Should you want to send out any information about Robert's situation in the
future, please include me on your list.

Many thanks & regards from Okazaki-shi (Aichi-ken): Hendrik

Dear Robert,
I was so sorry to hear about the recurrence of your cancer. I send you all
my love and prayers that God be with you in each moment.
Your vision, heart and grace have been an inspiration to me and to
hundreds, probably thousands, of others who yearn for healing in our spirits
and our communities. Thank you for your graciousness and encouragement when I
was putting together Awakening. It's been a wild ride, hasn't it?
I want you to know that I am offering free copies of Awakening to the
contributors, since I believe they should be distributed before the end of
the year. (There are 17,000 copies sitting in a warehouse in Michigan.) If
you wish to donate any copies to a local civic or church group, the city of
Spokane, whatever, just let me know, and I'll arrange it.
These days, I've been doing some work with older folks, plus I'm a new
volunteer with Hospice, and am feeling so gratified to share this sacred time
of life.
Whatever happens, I know you are held with tender love, and the adventures
will continue!
With all my love and best wishes, --Judy Laddon

Just a quick note to say that there are many people out here thinking about
and praying for Robert Theobald.
Paul Andrews

Dear Bob,

Please let Robert know that I am sending love and prayers to him.
Laurie Marshall

Dear Robert S.,

I was SO SORRY to hear about the return of Robert's cancer! The last I had
heard was that he was going to be speaking 3 days ago at the Uni. of NSW,
in Sydney. (I just returned from Aus. last night.) I had notified some
friends down there about his presentation.

I will send ENERGY and my own kind of prayers for his recovery; the world
desparately needs people like him to spread the global life-saving message!
Could the dismal picture all around have sapped the strength of his immune
system? I sincerely HOPE that the combined energy from those who love and
admire him will bring him through this-for the sake of humanity.

Please tell him, if you have the chance, that I love and admire him; I
quote his ideas OFTEN.

All the Best,

Arnie Anfinson

This is a note to Robert Theobald through Tom Atlee-

I just want to say what an inspiration you have been to me and how much I
admire you and your extraordinary transformative work. I want you to know
that I am thinking of you surrounded with healing hands and love from all
corners of the Earth, indeed-the Universe.

I wish you great peace and great joy-sunfilled and celebratory.
With love
Lysa Leland

PS: I have some ESSIAC that I would be happy to mail to you. I am sure you
have heard of it, perhaps even used it. If not, it is quite an amazing
herbal remedy which has been used for over 70 years with good success for
treating cancer (even by Dana Farber), even in advanced stages. Please let
me know if it is of interest to you and I will send it immediately.

For Robert Theobald...
Dear Mr. Theobald, please look at http://hacres.com and find out how
cancer is cured by using the Hallelujah Diet. Also see Dr. Lorraine Day's
site www.drday.com and get her video "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" on
how she cured herself. Hint: start NOW eating only raw foods and drinking
six to eight glasses of freshly juiced carrot/veggie juice every day.
You'll find the rest of the regimen at Hallelujah Acres and Dr. Day's site.
For your healing, J. Troth

From: "Pam Fuller"

So sorry to hear of the return of your cancer. My thoughts and prayers will be with you for your best good. May our God, whom I choose to call Heavenly Father, bless with you with his love, comfort, and peace. I know that He is aware of you, knows your name, and the righteous desires of your heart.

Dear Bob,
Please extend my concerns to Robert Theobald regarding his health. I
have only seen Robert on your telecommunications and wish him to know that I
admire his spirit and will hold him in my thoughts. To please hang in there,
he deserves to see what y2k will bring and much more. If there be angels, to
intercede in his behalf and keep him with us.

All the Best,
Tom Osher

Bob, my thoughts are with you and Robert at this time.
Mimi Will

Dear Robert:
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Your lovely soul and beautiful
heart will see you through this to a shining end, I know. Bless you, my
friend. Love, Larry Shook.

From: Tom Atlee

Dear Bob:

I had a poem I wanted to send Robert, but it has vanished in my mess and
I've gotten sick myself, which makes even such a simple task as finding a
poem exhausting. I will try again today to find it.

Your original email came from rstilger@igc.org, so I thought your email
address had changed. So now well-wishers are telling me they can't reach
Robert. So I've sent a correction.

Below are a few notes that have come to me this morning, that you can pass
on to Robert.

Be sure to take care of yourself in all this, too, Bob.



_ _ _ _ _


I didn't know about Robert's re-occurance. and am saddened by the news.

Please know that Juanita and I are carrying Robert in our prayers and in our
hearts as he moves through these challenging moments. he certainly has
contributed so much to so many.

Thank you, Tom

Sending love from me and Juanita to you as well,

David Isaacs

_ _ _ _ _

Dear Tom,
I tried to e-mail Bob and the post office returned the e-mail so I am
writing to you.

I will definately hold your mentor Robert up in prayer to our Lord and
Savior. May Jesus bless and protect Robert, you and Bob always and those
you love.
Donna Miller

_ _ _ _ _ _

Hi Tom,

My prayers are with Robert, and I will continue to hold him in my heart. I so
appreciated the resilient community forums with him this year.

Much love to you both, Sharda

Hi Bob....

Sent message to you with regard to Bob T., but it was returned. I am terribly
sorry to hear about his worsened conditioned. He is one of the people who
influenced my thinking which has led me to my present work.

Please let him know that my prayers, thoughts and energy are with him and
give him a hug for me. Warm personal regards. Rick Smyre

From: Nancy Scott Myers
Subject: Re: Send Prayers And Energy, My Friends

Dear Bob,
Prayers are on the way. And I have a bunch of friends who can pray the paint off the barn. I'll alert them, too. Somebody please give Robert a hug for me and let him know that there is a Baha'i community in Spokane, in case he wants information on the Baha'i Faith. In the meantime, in case it IS time for him to leave us, we would all be better off knowing that the next world is far better than this one. One more thing, Bob. Life is not over at the event we call death, for death in this world is birth in the next. Be comforted. When he leaves here, his arrival in the next world will be glorious!
Nancy Myers

Thank you for the email about Robert Theobald's condition. You can be assured that our thoughts are with him and all his friends and colleagues. Please pass on our regards and best wishes to him.
Ruth and Clive Monty

From a stranger to Robert - all my best wishes and many thanks for his
Maria Gilardin

Dear Robert,
I was concerned that you had to depart early from Australia on account of illness and having heard from Tom Atlee of your condition, I wanted to wish you peace, rest and recovery. The world benefits greatly from your valiant efforts, but we would not want it at the expense of your health and wellbeing.
Thank you again, may you be well and happy as you are.
loving regards,
Dudley Leggett, Byron Bay

Hi Bob.

I heard through Tom Atlee about Robert's recurrence of cancer. My thoughts and =
prayers to all of you.
Tenneson Woolf

Dear Mr. Theobald:
I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Reworking Success for Talking Leaves Magazine earlier this year. The review is included below.
Lost Valley Center, the publisher, is also an intentional community at which I live and work. We face many challenges learning to create a sustainable community out of our personal issues, training and relationships with the dominant culture. Your work is a vital resource for me and has influenced our recent community processes.
My friend and colleague, Tom Atlee, told me of your current challenge. My prayers and best wishes are with you.
Adin Rogovin

- - - - - - - -
Reworking Success
new communities at the millennium
Robert Theobald
New Society Publishers

For best book based on material developed for another medium, the award goes to New Society Publishers. Originally written for broadcast as part of a cancelled Canadian lecture series, NSP decided to publish this book form after the author put it out on the internet for public feedback and input. Theobald is no young radical, tearing at the gates of Gates. He's spent 40 years studying, observing, consulting, teaching and writing about economics and change.
I have read many books of late, describing the self-destructive economic and cultural path we are on. This is the most cogent to me because it is framed in terms of recent history, values, relationships and choices I personally relate to.
As we lie prostrate before the golden calves of economic growth, globalization, technology, and the "market", we are given the 15 commandments of a new belief structure
for the new millennium. So who parts the Red Sea for us? Religious and spiritual thinkers?, business management?, Labor unions?, Government?, social justice advocates?, the artistic community?, the women's movement?, ecologists?, technologists? Theobald suggests that by exploring "common ground" we can walk across together and that "today's crises require that all groups commit to adapting old self-healing structures and creating new ones".
I was especially moved by chapter 5, Creating Positive Change, wherein common ground strategies are explored. It is in our self interest to work together to preserve and enhance our quality of life. Common ground should not be confused with compromise but is found through dialogue and redefining problems in terms that promote win/win solutions. Four sequential steps are discussed that support achieving positive change.
1. defining commitments and desired directions (core creativity),
2. discovering the realities which determine what can , and cannot, be done (hopeful realism),
3. finding the individuals and groups which will join together in effective thought and action (creating coalitions),
4. determining appropriate steps which create movement in desired directions (committed action).

As I read through the process and examples, my mind immediately applied them to my own personal and community relationships. This is value enough for me from Theobald's work. If enough people read and apply it as easily, we may yet be entering the promised land.

Reviewed by Adin Rogovin

Dear Bob,

I will pray for Robert and do hope that he is blessed with a miracle.


Please convey to Robert that my prayers are with him


Robert, thank you for being such a bright light to the world! You are adding
love and compassion to a place that so dearly neeeds it. I don't know you
personally, but have received many of your messages forwarded on by Tom
Atlee, and they have always been inspirational, informative, and they make
me think, and even more, take action! so thank you again. You are in my
prayers and meditations. always remember that you are loved, no matter what.

Jennifer Morley

I will send prayers for health to Robert Theobald who used to be my neighbor
in the French Quarter and graciously accepted my invitatiion to speak at the
American Society of Training and Development the year I was VP of New Orleans
Chapter. What a delightful human being. I want him to stay here on this
planet a lot longer. Anne Teachworth

Dear Bob,
Thank you for the update on Robert Theobalds' new battle with cancer. I will include in my prayers a prayer that Robert have the journey that is right for his soul and with God at this time.
I am now training in a Qi Chong with some teachers from China and a local (Boston) colleague Gary Woolf (http://www.woolfholistic.com). I am actually beginning together some of the writings, teaching and dialogue for US Teachers.
Qi Chong has been outlawed in China this month and Master Ou Wei, the founder of Pan Gung Qi Chong is living in San Francisco because he cannot go home. He has just brought a young woman out of what was viewed an irreversible coma in Stanford Hospital. He is joined here by Dr. Fong Lee, who is one of the top four masters of the Tai Chi, who also must be stay in the US to be safe.
IF Bob can travel and would like to work with either of these great teachers or through your work we have reason to bring Master Ou Wei and Dr. Fong to Spokane let me know. Gary and I are interested in creating events for Master Ou, Dr Fong Li and Gary that support the teaching of this very powerful healing work.
Gary Woolf is Master Ou Wei's student and translator here in the states. Gary will be in San Francisco next week to meet with Master Ou, teach with him and meet with friends from our larger community.


Dear Robert

Thank you for your emails about Robert. We have been blessed with his
insight and wisdom and all of us are praying for him

Maria Harries

Maria Harries
School of Social Work & Social Policy
University of Western Australia

Hi Robert,

I send you light and prayers for your healing. If you are interested in
further treatment, please go to http://www.dr-gonzalez.com. Dr. Nicholas
Gonzalez is an MD in NYC who has done wonders on advanced cancers, saving the
life of my mother (breast cancer) and best friend (ovarian cancer). The
protocal is a combination of nutritional supplements, detoxs including coffeee
enemas and organic eating. Best wishes, Lyyisa Harris

Count on my prayers and love, energy and light.
Sister Guadalupe Guajardo
P.S. I will pray to our foundress who is up for caninization and needs to
work X number of miracles to get the Pope's badge.

Thanks, Bob. I'll try again.

Let there be LIGHT!

Brother Kanya Vashon McGhee, CEO
I got your message and replied, but it was returned to me. I'm trying
again. I also forwarded it to others here. From the time I got your
message I have held Robert and you in my prayers. I'm thankful that you
are feeling supported.Please give our love to Robert.

J. M. Dubé/Vilma Dubé

From: Rosie Kaplan & Terry Macartney

Hi Bob,
You send as many messages as you want! As 'close friend' you are also in
my prayers.
With love Rosie

Dear Bob....Such startling news....indeed, I will start tonight on
sending Mr. Theobald vitality and nurturing prayers....for a much
broader band of prayer senders, contact the Monroe Institute in
Virginia, and ask for the Blue Dolphin program director....it has been
healing cancer (among other illness) patients through prayer for some
time now....below is a short summation of things I do to heal myself,
which has cured me many times....also, ask Mr. Theobald to check out "an

action not taken", to uncover what is behind the scene of his
problem....love and all blessings sent....Luana Alika

Healing Yourself Through Changing Your Beliefs
A. Say to yourself intently (aloud is best, but silent is ok):

1. For the next 5 to 10 minutes I will suspend what I believe about my illness or condition.
2. I will willfully accept the belief I want. For this time my desire and belief will be one. There will be no conflict for I do this
3. I will pretend I am under hypnosis, with myself as hypnotist and subject.
4. For this 5 or 10 minutes I will completely alter my beliefs concerning the illness or condition.
5. Even though I sit quietly, in my mind I will act as if the belief I want is completely mine.

B. Then, insert a new belief:

1. Be completely relaxed.
2. Allow yourself enough time.
3. For 5 to 10 minutes concentrate your attention as vividly as possible on one simple statement (belief), repeating it over and over
while focusing on it during this time only!
4. Try to feel the statement.
5. Try to not allow any distractions, and if they occur rechannel them to be in line with your declaration. Do not, during this time, think
of the future or the past.
6. Incorporate an image of yourself with ideal health, belief, or emotion. For instance, concentrate on a part of your body that is
presently healthy, or visualize pure peace or joy.

C. After:
7. When finished (maximum 10 minutes) do not dwell on it further, but put it from your mind. Allow 3 days before expecting results. If it
hasn't been affective, change the wording of the new belief and repeat the message again to yourself. When you feel the new wording is
"right" continue using it.
8. Even if results are spectacular, continue the message so the inner channels are repatterned. There will be a feel to this when it is

D. Reminder:

1. You must belief in your own self worth for this to be affective, otherwise you will be substituting other symptoms while getting rid of the present problems. Remind yourself of achievements or accomplishments, as this alone will work wonders by pulling energy away from the problem and build a base of self-worth and power.

Hi Robert-
I am in Germany at the moment and sorry to hear about Theobald. I will send
him white light and healing. I still hope to meet him in person sometime soon.


I have travelled for the last 10 years, for enjoyment/experience only.
Nothing too serious, except the enjoyment of life as it is.

I saw Robert Theobald speak but once, and was heartened to have discovered
there are other sane people out there (and better placed than me).

If we are to lose him before time, it is a tragedy.

I am only sorry that here in the beautiful city of Auckland I can do nothing
except will him well.

I wish him the best, and hope the fight will not lose momentum, for the
world needs it badly.

From a fighter.

All the best.

Nick Vasey

pls send Robert and his family our thoughts and prayers.
The Stallard family & the Australian Hull Project.

My prayers and energy go out to Robert at this time.
I heard him speak in Melbourne Australia and was inspired to put community on my Agenda as much as I could.
Your lifes work I'm sure was to inspire others to action and you have achieved this for one single parent in Carnegie ,Melbourne ,.Australia.
Keep up the fight ,The World needs your fantastic spirit

SANDY Weekes

Dear Kathleen-I'm assuming you have already heard this. Very sad. . .
Let's you and I agree to join our formidable energies together on his behalf
for a miraculous recovery, and if that is not to be, then for a glorious
procession into and through the Light of the hereafter.

Salaams to all,
Cole Jackson

Dear Bob,

When you are telling Robert of the many who are carrying him in their hearts,
please include my name. We communicated a little when he lived in New
Orleans but never met, so he won't remember me, but he did meet my daughter,
Heidi, when she was volunteering at the Center for Visionary Leadership in
Washington, DC several years ago.

Awakening at 3:30 this morning, I have held Robert constantly in my heart and
in the Light. All during the dark before dawn, I sent Light and Love to
Robert. Every time I heard the wistful inquiries of the barred owl who lives
in the woods between my house and the river and every time the coyotes in the
far distance barked in the night, I sent comfort and devotion to Robert. As
I watched the stars sparkle in the dark night sky through the skylights above
my bed, I thought of Robert and beamed him Love and Light on those stars
which shine above us both. And I enveloped Robert in its beautiful tones
when I heard the clear, brave song of the first bird awakening in the dim
light of morning. In the light of day today, when I hear the hawk screaming
and circling in the sky above me, I will send Robert healing Love upon its
wings and fierce strength upon its proclamations. And when I hear children
laughing and playing, I will hold Robert in my heart and send him the pure
jjoy of their spirits of light.

I am carrying Robert Theobald in my heart and holding him in the Light and I
will not cease.

I affirm that the Spirit within Robert is God and that Spirit is perfect.
That Spirit is divine, whole, happy, complete. The Spirit of Infinite Peace
is within Robert and that Peace-poised in perfect life, complete in
perfect happiness-that Spirit within Robert is God and is Whole. That
Wholeness is perfect now. Robert is not only one with this Spirit, but this
Spirit is all that Robert is. It is his whole being, and this Divine Wisdom
leads Robert -- irresistably leads Robert now-to the Absolute, certain
goal of Good, of accomplishment, of success, of peace, of Divine Purpose.

And so it is.

With love,


Just to say how I have appreciate your work. May your latest brush with death
bring to us even sharper insights. I think in the face of the looming tragedy of
Y2K, these could be insights we will all need most.

Love Jan Wyllie

This to Robert Theobald, being encouraged to write him from Tom Atlee.
I have had severe disabilities from head injury for almost 50 yrs since
early childhood. I send you my prayers for a full recovery. I am making
progress from my early injury and symptoms daily. I wrote the included
piece early one morning for a group list that has many severely ill
folks on it. It went well with them. I hope it is not too preachy for
you. Blessings to a full recovery. ts.

Dear Bob Stilger,

Could you please tell Robert how much I appreciate his work and his
presence. He recently spoke with our Luncheon Group at Pleasant Hill,
California. His thinking was as clear as ever. I know he contributed to
our current awareness.

I have know Robert since the early 70s. I tought his stuff in a college
Future Studies in Phoenix at that time. He also gave an inspiring speech
to The Terran Project group in 1972.

And through Tom Attlee, I have followed Roberts thoughts on things for a while.
His lifetime commitment is an inspiration to me.

My very best to Robert and his speedy recovery.

Bruce Baumrucker

Tom advised me that his mentor Robert needs prayers. I do pray and will
continue to pray that the Lord bless and protect him at this time and
keeps Robert securely in the palm of His hands. May Jesus bless you also
Bob and Tom for being good friends to Robert at a time when lots of
"friends" chose to be elsewhere.

Donna Miller

Dear Bob,
You and I didn't get an opportunity to meet and talk personally at Whidbey,
but please known that I'm including Robert Theobold, and all of you that work
with him, in my prayers for wholeness, strength, peace, and harmony during
this sacred walk with physical illness.
Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

I remember meeting Theobald many years ago. I think it was at a World Future
Society conference. Hope he gets well.

He might appreciate visiting our web site. Might make him feel better.

· Jon Roland

Dear Bob,

Consuelo and I are saddened by the turn in Robert's health.

We are praying and thinking about him through our day. It doesn't seem
fair, neither to all humans nor to him who loves life and people so much.
We all know that we all must die, but, as a friend told me the other day:
that I take care of my physical health so I can die healthy. I guess that
is true. It is not that we deny death; its that we want to be happy and
healthy in all ways when we die. His voice and his ideas are probably more
important now than ever for what he has been talking, writing and doing
along with you and others is anticipating what is now happening. But now
people are begining to listen.

How is your mother. I think of her often an utter a prayer for her health.

We will be writing a letter to Robert. Our regards and our love to him.

We are praying.


Dear Bob,
Yes, you and Robert are in my prayers. Thank you for being such a great
friend to this gentleman. And thank you both for all the work you are
doing for the greater community.
Joan Henjum

Hi, Bob-

I'd like you to do two or three things, if you would, with regard to
Robert's situation.

First, read this rambling page, but absorb what it's saying-it's about
the sickening effects of stress, versus the -healing- effects of shock:


(Note that Dr. Richard Shultz is famous for plunging patients into icy
water. <g He thinks he's doing that for the sake of getting their
circulation going, but perhaps there's even more value to it than that.)

Then see:


...which holds some thoughts about the work of the German doctor whose
findings gave rise to the entire field of psychoneuroimmunology. He was
able to -predict- cancer's appearance, and even -where- it would appear.

Those two pages underline the importance of the spiritual/emotional/mental
states, in physical cancer situations.

Then see:


...where you'll find indication that a "cure" for cancer was found in the
1920's but kept from our awareness ever since. I'm not suggesting that
this cure is available (though perhaps it is; I don't know) -- but this is
a mind-changing fact, I think, concerning what's possible and what isn't,
in a cancer situation.

It's been my observation that the folks who survive the cancer experience
are the ones who find a way to view it as a door to a new chapter of their
living, rather than as a closed door at the end of living.

The ones who survive it are the ones who are able to envision a future for
themselves in which there's some fun, and in which they can picture
themselves contributing to the living of friends and family.

In order to envision that sort of future, it's necessary to -forgive-, and
to let go of resentments, disappointments, and any 'wrinkle' that could
convince oneself that one doesn't 'deserve' to live and to live happily
and healthfully.

That is-it's necessary to first forgive oneself; to let go
self-judgment-and then next also to forgive all others. (Ultimately it
is God that we forgive, by doing this; and by doing this, we remove any
'dams' we've built to hold back the River of Life).

These are the 'mechanics' of the miracle in this case. Without this
spiritual/emotional/mental element being handled, I'm not sure there's any
therapeutic 'adjunct' that can really accomplish very much.

Within that context, please know:

I spent the past two years, working to 'save' a particular cancer therapy
from disappearing. This remedy, called Jomol, was devised by a doctor in
Bavaria, to save his own life. It is a homeopathic-level solution, of an
extract derived from a bacterium that is always found to be present at
tumor sites. (That doctor is in Brazil at the moment; we could put you in
touch with him if you wish.)

Jomol now has a new 'steward' and is moving toward being offered to the
world in the next 4 or 5 months. It's in the hands of a family-owned
company in Kansas, where it's thought to be a fitting 'companion' to
another cancer item, Neogen IV. Neogen is a bioenergetically 'tuned',
herbal tincture. (A friend of mine in Canada is taking this tincture
right now; she tells me she's doing well on it.)

Also note: Dr. Hulda Clark's newest book has just been published, in
October-"The Cure for Advanced Cancers". I'm told this book includes
an intense 21-day program. I'm in touch with the head of Dr. Clark
Research Association right now, young Dr. David Amrein, and can connect
you with him if you wish.

And: As I wrote you 2 years ago, there's a practitioner in Houston
getting good results, using bioenergetic technologies (of the sort used by
Royal Rife and now also by Hulda Clark).

There are -several- other possibilities, here, too. I'm happy to provide
further information on any or all of these possibilities, as you may find


The possibility also exists that Robert is simply ready to leave the
planet, and this is his 'chosen' method of departure. If that's the case,
nothing will hold him here, and it would be more important, more useful,
to accord him the 'quiet space' he needs during the wrapping-up of his
living in the world, than to mount any effort to change the outcome.

I'm happy to provide whatever help I can here, Bob. Let me know.


· Jeff Gordon-- http://www.wellnow.com


Hi Bob,


My prayers are going to Robert. If it is appropriate, please relay to him
that though I am new to his work, and don't even know him, it has a profound
effect on me, one that will resonate through my days. I have a sense of who
this man is, his deep spirit on the planet. Additionally, I somehow
translate his message into my work, so his work has another 150 people that
are benefited that he does not even know.

I send prayers to you too, Bob, for your strength and care and love in this
time of change for people you love. Namaste.



Kim Ivy

I got your sad message about Dr. Theobold's health.
I am sure you will get, perhaps, too many suggestions as to what to do. We all have our favourite remedies. Many people today are into all kinds of new remedies. Forgive us if we impose.
I call them complimentary-I don't like the term 'alternative'.-forms of physical healing. Many people will be writing and giving their favourite cure. The following, for what it's worth, worked for me. Just ignore it, if you feel you have tried them all.
However, have you heard about stabilized oxygen in liquid form? It is a product produced by R-Garden, 14 Enzyme Land, Kettle Falls, Washington, 991141?
I have been taking it, plus enzymes, regularly, lactobacillus salivarius, when needed, and cordyceps, a chinese herb, regularly-all available from R-Garden-since I had a brush with colon cancer in 1996. Today-I will be 70 in January-I am quite healthy. I also take modest amounts of vitamins and minerals.
If you are interested, give them a call at 1-800-800-1927. Give them my name and ID no. 48433, and, for $5.00 they will send you an information package and offer wholesale prices. One month's supply of VO (Vitamin O-brand name), as it is called, is $20.00. R-Garden has several publications giving the research behind their products.
For details and product information, you can call them at (509) 738-2345
Being a qualified hypnotherapist, I also believe in the value it has for dealing with stress. See HEAD FIRST, the biology of hope by, Norman Cousins.
It is really a form of directed prayer. I call it PNEUMATHERAPY. For more
information, see my page <www.tlpdesign.com/flf
Incidentally, pneumatherapy, can be done over the phone. Without any cost, other than that of a phone call, I am willing to help in any way I can.
I wrote the following affirmation, and I use it frequently as a poetic form of self-hypnosis:
By Lindsay G. King
Creative, omnipresent spirit, of which all nature is a part.
You permeate the stars and atoms;
Come dwell within my human heart.

Dynamic, omnipotent spirit, source of energy and power.
You dwell in every cell within we;
You're present with me at this hour

All knowing and omnscient spirit, source of knowledge, wisdom, truth.
You teach me all I need to know:
That I might gain the health of youth.
Creative and all loving spirit, whose heart is faith and hope and love.
I feel your presence ever near me;
Around, within, beneath, above.

I breathe in this spirit, with every gentle breath I take. (Breathe in.
it.Then out)
I breathe out all stress and doubt, and thus my body, mind remake.
I breathe in this spirit; (Breathe in. Relax. Breath out.) I breathe out
stress and pain.
I'm touched by all that's good and true, and am made whole again.
Rev. Lindsay G. King, PnD



Please convey our thoughts, prayers, hopes and best wishes to Robert.
He is in our hearts.

Joe and Vicki Luther
Lincoln, Nebraska

Bob-This is very sad news. I know it seemed as if he'd had it licked but cancer is a beast. Miracles do occur as you say but Robert himself is a miracle who has transcended time. Tireless and fearless. Please give him my love...Jessica Lipnak

Dear Bob,
We've heard Robert has returned home from Australia because of illness. Has
he returned to Spokane? When you see him please give him our love and
support from Victoria and the Group With No Name. He's often in my heart.

Take Care,

Hi Bob
I'm praying for Robert Theobald.
Glenn Leckie, in the Gatineau Hills, Quebec, Canada

As I have read messages about Robert's activities I have had a sense that
the last two years have truly been miraculous. I think what is most
important is to embrace the miracle that is already there and welcome
whatever comes. Please pass on my love, great respect, hope for Robert and
for us all. Catherine Bateson

Hi Bob:

Just a quick reply to ask you to pass on our love to Robert to let him know
we are there for him
in our hearts and thoughts throughout the day. We will contact him at home.
We know you are swamped, but if you have a moment to give us a little more
information about his condition we would appreciate it. How do you think he
would respond to a visit?

Thnk you for what you are doing for Robert.

Desmond and Gerri

What a request. Of course, I'm sending both. Also sent an electronic card
for you to show Robert on line if possible or if not, then via print media.
Thanks for sending this urgent news. Here's a chance for us to give back and
make his compassionate era real. Please keep us posted. Bonnie Braun

Aloha! Be assured that we both are holding Robert in Divine Light, tightly
wrapped for whatever kind of healing is appropriate for his path now. And
his family and very large extended family. His work has been so very
important; may it continue.

Fondly, Duane and Marjorie Erway

I hope this worked. Please pass my faith in miracles and in particular in
the human mind and spirit to Robert. My prayers will include him.

Lucy Giudice

Hi Bob,


Thank you for keeping me (and the rest of us) posted on how Robert is doing.
When I first heard that he was struggling again with cancer, my heart sank.
I wish I had something profound to say, but I don't. I just hurt. Walking
this Earth, attempting to live a good, balanced, helpful life, isn't easy.
And there don't seem to be enough good, solid people to make the changes
that need to be made.

If you will, please let Robert know that I will be keeping him in my

I am also interested in knowing how are you doing, Bob? And how are the
other folks doing that are working with Robert?
David Sunfellow, Founder & Publisher

Dear Bob
I have assigned to my toothbrush a new function: a personal signal to reflect and send healing energy in Robert's direction. This sounds silly, but Robert will understand that I'm in great turmoil working on finishing my PhD, and the point at which I reach for my toothbrush at night is the point at which I come down from all the hyper stuff and release the striving in order to sleep.

Please convey my love and thanks to Robert for all he has catalysed and is
triggering in our communities around Australia.




I add my blessings and best wishes for the energy and insights that will
support Robert Theobald during this very painful and challenging time.

Thank you Robert for giving your gifts and talents to us in the work at
hand and to the future world that perhaps none of us will see but we
will know we helped into new and positive directions.

I met Robert at Maleny while I was still in Australia, and he stayed
with my friends Stuart and Carol in Toowoomba during the Australia
Connects period. I am working very hard each week here in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada to bring the message of reworking and resilient
communities work. I have found a waiting and willing audience and
workers. We are also starting reconciliation work with Aboriginal
peoples. I would be doing this as a personal and professional
commitiment but have lucked out by getting a community planning contract
as the Committee Assistant to the Winnipeg Committee for Safety, and as
such have now gotten to the ears, minds and hearts at a city and
provincial government level. Thank you Robert for giving me the
frameworks and tools that were missing till I got involved in reworking
and resilient networks of people and project in SE Queensland.

Angie Mulgrew
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks for getting back to us with the address info. What a difficult time this will be for you-and on top of the video teleconference.
I did think it was very good. Will get registrations and reactions sent tomorrow.
My best to you and all of you who are such wonderful support to Robert.
Joyce Davis

G'day Bob:

Thank you for the information re Robert Theobald's condition.

I hold him in the light for the fullness of grace and peace, whatever the
outcome of this current blow.

Also thanks for the good humour and persistence in dealing with automated
idiot-syncracies. There are a lot of them running around.

Cheers, Bert Horwood

I sent this message to Robert Theobald after
receiving your news-am now sending to you as
per your email re messages to him.


Robert-I was alarmed to receive the news that
you are not well. My hopes and inspirations are
sent your way toward your mind finding strength
to carry your body to wellness. There is still
much to be done, but now your focus must be on
healing yourself so that you can continue your
work in good health. Karin Westdyk of Mothers
(We linked to one of your articles a few weeks

Dear Bob , My thoughts and prayers are with you . Ann Beckingham

Dear Bob

As one of the people who heard Robert on his last visit to Perth, Western
Australia, I want to pass on my best wishes to him as he returns home to
rest and recover.
Theo Mackaay
Executive Officer
Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission

Dear Robert,
Robert Stilger has informed me of your renewed bout of cancer, which
saddens me greatly.

Please trust that we are following in your footsteps and continue
to promote enlightened understanding and practice, in the race with
greed, ignorance and self-destruction.

Please feel relieved of your personal responsibility to carry out your
service to humankind so that you may channel all your energies into

With the help of revived ancient wisdom (self-knowledge, mind, energy and
self-healing) and modern technology - you have done it before and I hope and
trust you can do it once again !

All my very best wishes,
Geoff Holland

Thanks Bob for the relayed message about Robert's illness.

My energy goes to him and if he chooses to live on he will. Whatever his
choice, I respect it.

I am due to visit Elizabeth Robinson here in Perth who is a spiritual
surgeon. Has this been tried on Robert? I am sure there must be someone
there. It might be worth the effort.

Love and light,

Vernon Nolan.

Dear Robert,
I was sad to hear of Robert Theobald's illness and ask if you would please
convey my message of hope to him.

I heard Robert speak when he was in Australia and I was uplifted by the
message he conveyed. It is reassuring to know that there is a groundswell of
opinion regarding the changing values of society and that the desire to
return to a culture which supports a sense of community for the good of all
shines in many of us.

My message is that the light that Robert has revealed to us will glow
brighter and stronger because of his efforts, as I hope he will grow
stronger because of the energy we send to him.

Kind Regards,
Cecile Riddle

Bob (Stilger):

I read each of the transform.org messages, and
save many for future reflection. I appreciate all
that you do to keep the concept of resilient
communities alive. I also very much appreciate
all that you do for our friend Bob Theobald. You
are both valued and there is no question why you
are both on this earth and what you will leave
behind. We just need a few thousand more like you
· but maybe that will come later when the world is
ready for them.

You are truly an agent of change to get the world
ready...only the change comes so slowly that it
must be difficult to see the impact. Just as in
religion, faith must always be the driving force
in change. For many people, faith is too
intangible and evidence is required before
commitment is made...unless there is a "bible."
But, for the type of profound cultural change that
you have embarked upon, its greatness is in the
art and flexibility of a fluid process and,
therefore, cannot be constrainted by bible-like
mandates. So what are we to do?


The former chancellor of our Maricopa Community
College District, Paul Elsner, has a saying,
"keep doing the right thing and (eventually) the
right thing will happen." I believe that. Some
support the concept of doing the right thing with
the promised reward of being given a better life
upon our return from death. Others feel threaten
with certain punishment if they stray from service
to their, still others have some intrinsic drive
that is not so easily explained. All have their
own vision.


Whatever our philosophy, or regilious convictions,
most would agree that you, and your good friend
Bob, are among the few "saints" that help us see
things as they should be. You help to shape the


This is just to thank you for all that you do and
to let you know that even those of us who do not
communicate with you often follow your work,
believe in what you are doing and respect your
dedication and loyalty to your friend and partner,
Bob Theobald.



P.S. I will send a card to Bob at his
home...thanks for the address.

Hi Bob,


First off, all my best to Robert Theobald. We've lit a candle and
are praying for him.

Here is the info I mentioned in earlier e-mail. It was published
in Julian Whitaker's HEALTH & HEALING newsletter.

Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD runs a clinic, the Burzynski Clinic,
in Houston, TX. You can reach them at (713) 335-5697 or check their website
at WWW.cancermed.com.

Burzynski is the discoverer of some small peptide molecules which he calls
'anti-neoplastons' one set turn off the 'oncogenes' and the other set turn
on the 'tumor suppressor genes' so that formerly cancerous cells behave
like normal cells and die when they are supposed to, ie. stop proliferating
as cancer.

A patient support group has grown up around the practice which can be
reached via WWWeb at

In order to make the innovative treatment available to people who cannot
afford to pay out of pocket (and the insurance companies have not yet
recognized & started to pay for this treatment) they have the
Cancer Coalition of America, headed by Barbara Tomaszewski, at 9396
Richmond Avenue #307, Houston
TX, 77063 phone: (713) 335-5677.

I found all this information in Julian Whitaker's HEALTH & HEALING
newsletter. You can get a copy by dialing (800) 539-8219 or checking the
web at (?www.?) drwhitaker.com. I think you can find out about Whitaker's
practice by calling (800) 488-1500 or checking the web at


I hope this is helpful. I have not tried this nor do I know anyone who has
· BUT it seems plausible and the person who told me about it is usually pretty much in the know.


Please let me know what YOU find out about it, whether you like the people
you encounter, are the friendly, helpful, well-informed, etc.?

Ciao for now,


Fred V. Cook

Greetings, I am sending my prayers for Robert's recovery.
Bob Ewing

Dear Bob

For what it is worth (and I'm sure you have had similar replies, but here it
is) - I have been reading about the work of Wilhelm Reich in reversing
cancer. Yes, sounds fringe. However, there are books still available on
Reich's work, and I feel that anything which may help should be considered
an option. In the library system at Curtin University of Technology in
Bently, Western Australia is a collection of Reich's books. One of them
details how Reich used orgone ("prana") generators to cure patients of
cancer, however sometimes the "detritus" from the disintegrating tumours was
too much for the person's body. He also had a number of successes, if we are
to believe his accounts. He was a doctor, a contemporary of Jung and like
him one who trained under Freud and later broke away. He was one of those
free thinkers that lived earlier this century. I really think it may be
worth checking this. His work was condemned by the US government, and yet he
was investigating in a thoroughly scientific way. His machines and books
were trashed, and eventually he was chucked in jail where he died of cancer
himself. He claimed to have helped people, and I once built an orgone
"shooter" myself as an experiment - you certainly can feel an energy from
them. I would encourage you to investigate this. One book (perhaps the most
useful) was called (Wilhelm?) Reich vs the USA - or a similar title. It is
at Curtin Uni. There is a centre in New Jersey for the study of Reich's
work, and which may be of interest. Some people take a more spiritual angle
than others, so it is as well to be aware of this difference in approach.



Sally Marston

Dear Robert,
My name is Bronwynne Jones, and I am involved in Australia Connects. I am so sad to hear of the re-emergence of Robert Theobold's cancer. Of course my prayers are with him to create enough energy to help him recover. Do you believe in serendipity? I am involved with an American company, Mannatech, which has discovered amazing nutritional components which support the body in its healing. I believe that these products may help Robert, and that your message has travelled to me through many networks so you can connect them to him.
If you would like more information. Please email me and I will either provide that information or put you on to my American contact.
Go well. Our love and thoughts are with you and Robert

by reading the book :"the cure for all cancers" I believe God sent you
this message thru me.
Martin C.

I strongly suggest contacting Dr. B. His radically new approach to hopeless
cancer cases has finally been approved by the FDA/AMA after years of
battles. He has proved his method. His success rate is excellent as attested
to by his own recovered patients who have their own web site. Fortunately, I
do not have any direct experience with Dr. B but I have followed his
progress in the event something might happen to my family. I want to have in
place someone to turn to instead of the standard AMA approach of cut and
burn. This may be OK if your 25 but the success rate with increasing age is
very poor. I am not a medical person and have no connection with Dr. B or
the medical profession.


Mr. Theobald:
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We pray for your healing and comfort.
Thank you for your efforts re: Y2K.
Connie Iversen

Hi Bob
Here are some of the messages for Robert from our list members in WA. Could you please pass them on and wish him well.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and if you can please pass on strength
and wellbeing to Robert

I am very sorry to hear of Roberts illness and will be praying for him.
Should he not survive a tremendous voice of common sense for the good of
our community will be gone. I trust his message lives on.

I hope Robert wins this battle too

I have been sitting silently on the sidelines through the past year or
so, watching the progress of Roberts efforts to persuade society of its
need to change.
Your message though has prompted me to write. I am disappointed by my inertia (and I suspect that of the majority) in the face of Roberts clear thinking, enthusiasm, and the energy that he has so passionately displayed.
I believe that he has achieved much in making people aware, and I do
hope, and pray in my heart that he survives this crisis
with my best regards
Clive Hulett

I join all those in prayer for Robert's healing and
comfort. Love Pat

I was saddened to hear of Robert's health,
but I am confident that he will be healed by the power of God working
through his son Jesus Christ. We have had many miracles in our church,
including healings from cancer, and I have prayed that Jesus will heal his
cancer. God has the power! Thanks for the opportunity to speak out against
the evil that attacks men who do good. Kind regards Judith Dowson

I am extremely sorry to hear of Robert's ill health, and wish him a speedy recovery.
Dorothy Lucks

Spiritual surgery can work miracles. I know Elizabeth Robinson in Perth
could help but there may be others where Robert is.
The question is - what does Robert choose now?
Love and light, Vernon

Sorry to hear the news. I will send all the positive feelings I can muster.

I am so sorry to hear about Robert. My prayers and thoughts are with him.
Thankyou for keeping me informed.

I'm very sad to hear this news and I will most certainly send my prayers
and love to Robert.
Kind regards, Joanne

My best wishes too.
Phil And Ruth Wainwright

Dear Robert
I am very sorry to hear that you are feeling so ill. I wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you in Fremantle and wishing you a speedy recovery. I run an art centre and art school on the beach in Fremantle and attended your brillient talk for the Arts Management Group last year. I think that you'd like what we do at my little art centre as do alot of positive work in areas that you feel strongly about. Rest well and get better. We'd like to see you over this way again soon.
I admire you greatly for all that you have done. I hope that I too can make a difference to the future.
My warmest regards,


Creative Courses & The Kidogo Institute


I emailed a brief note to Robert (I was in the Spokane workshop at
CDS and enjoyed meeting Robert and sharing ideas).

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Tell Robert we are thinking of him and wish him well.
Bernie Moore

My thoughts and prayers are with Robert during this time.
Becky McIntosh, 1999 Leadership Kentucky class



You have a lot of friends and admirers here at Clemson and I wanted
to let you know that we are all having positive thoughts for you!


Gary McMahan


Please DO keep your humor and sense of wonder, even though life
may not seem to be being very kind to us at this particular time.
I'm keeping affectionate thoughts out there for both of you Roberts...

Dick Atlee-K-12 Outreach-OIT/University of Maryland

Dear Bob,
I have just read Bob Stilger's email concerning your health and am so concerned. I have delighted in my long friendship and collegial relationship with you, including the "computer parties" in the 70's, when I was at New Mexico State University, your keynoting our first Statewide Community Education meeting, Action Linkage, and so on. I have always admired your passion for what you believe in, and the actions you've taken to back it up.
I was so disappointed when I moved to Prescott, AZ to find that you had moved away from Wickenburg only a few weeks before my arrival. Reconnecting through Resilient Communities has been great.
With all the love and healing energies being sent your way by the myriad of folks you have touched in so many positive ways, a miracle is definitely not out of the question.
Lots of prayers, positive thoughts and love, Bob.
· Lynne O'Donnell

My prayers are with Robert
I take it from your email that his esophageal cancer is still a problem?

Or is he hospitalized for a new ailment?
· Steve Johnson

Dear Bob: Gen is husband of Yumi Kikuchi, co-founder of the WASH campaign.
They are both leaders in a number of alternative movements in Japan, both
esoteric and grounded. Gen ("Jen") is a very sweet, competent man. Is
there a way to get a photograph of Robert to him? -- Tom


Hi, Tom.

Is there anyway that I can have Robert's photo or
have his e-mailed to me? I and Yumi are willing to
help him through energy work or give healing advise.


With love and admiration,

Y2K WASH Japan


p.s. We are working hard to push the government to
stop nuclear power plants at rollover. Tokaimura
incident has definitely added public distrust in
government's nuclear policy.


It is with deep sorrow that I receive your news about Robert Theobald. I
worked with him in Hawaii on several conferences and the Health Futures
Conference along with Dr. Waltert Strode and Dr. Jim Dater. We renewed
acquaintance when I moved to Spokane in 1984. It has been good to visit at
the Leadership Forums and other events. He is a vital force in Spokane,
Hawaii, Australia and the world on the effects of change. He will be in my
thoughts and prayers.

Ron Kurtz

Dear Robert -

Such unwelcome news about the new bout with cancer. Of course we think of
you and send prayers and energy. You'll have to steal more years - what
amazing things you've accomplished and set in motion during the last two!

My sister was just diagnosed with "aggressive" breast cancer and is
beginning experimental therapy using a drug based on the yew tree substance
found to have excellent results in beating cancer. But I'm sure your
doctors must know about this.

Hold fast. Sally Lehrner

We in New Orleans are very concerned to learn of Bob's health problems
return. We think of him often, especially now. All the best, Richard
McCarthy and the Twomey Center for Peace through Justice gang


Thank you for letting us know about Robert Theobald. I heard him
speak over 8 years ago and have not forgotten him-he is one of my
heroes. Please let him know that I am holding in my heart and
praying that God's will be done in his life. He certainly has set
a great example with how he lived his life. Thanks and may you
grow in love, courage and wisdom. I will send him a card too,
Robyn Wolf

Greetings, I am sending my prayers for Robert's recovery.
Bob Ewing



God Bless you, Robert Theobold!!! Thank you for being an inspiration to me for years. I've always valued your insight and have sought out your words. Be of very good joy as we further enter into this wild journey we brazenly are walking. Would you travel easier knowing one more starlady has here eye on you? I have you in my mind, heart and cadre. Goddess bless us all.



Dede Farrell
Rev. Mary D. Farrell

Bob: I send my love and best wishes to Robert.
I want to call your attention to a resource that I use in the
Seattle area: Dr. Robert Erdmann. He is a nutritional biochemist who
treats chronic diseases metabolically. I have Parkinson's Disease and have
found his treatments to have been quite effective. He also works with
cancer patients. It may be too late to start metabolic treatments such as
he does, since they are somewhat slow. But it is worth a call:
360/871-1234. Use my name, if you wish.
Bob Newbrough

I have just seen this news about Robert. Indeed, he has our prayers,
energy and love. Is there is anything else we can do to be helpful? Do
you want more people in your prayer circle for him?
Sending love to him, to you and Susan and Annie as well.
Lila Girvin


Thanks for your messages. My reply did get stuck! Our prayers are with
yours for Robert. Please send him our love and concern. His visits to
Australia has raised consciousness and hope for the future. Kindest
regards, Max Dumais

Glad you got my "card." I figured RT must have a computer with access to the internet. If you can't forward the card for his reading, I can send it directly to him...unless, of course, he's in the hospital and doesn't have a portable there. In that case, please let me know and I'll send something else.

Thanks for sending out the word...

Kali Grosberg

Just wanted to say that Reiki may help him .... goto Reiki.org and you will
see what it is about ... then inquire at the local hospital to see if it is
used there ... it can make the WORLD of difference as far as healing goes ...
It is also called hands on healing .. I just thought I would tell ya ..... it
is your choice from there ...

Wish ya the best

Dear Bob

Please could you include words of appreciation for Robert from Sydney
Leadership at any tribute ceremony in the coming week or two.

Robert spoke on our first program day in February. He had a big impact
on us. His advice to start questioning conversations and keep up the
enthusiasm for change by talking to others was inspirational for many of
us. So was his advice to start with small changes within our own
spheres of influence. Above and beyond the detail of what he said, he
had an impact through the man he was, his opennness, his intellect, his
range of interests, his optimism, his ability to communicate with such
diverse groups of people. It was a great privilege to work with him and
we send our warmest wishes to his close colleagues and loved friends and
associates. He is remembered with affection and high regard throughout
the world.

With warm wishes for peace and a better world

Penny Nelson
Program Manager
Sydney Leadership

When an Old Dragon Dies
For Robert Theobald

Meg Wheatley 11.28.99

When an old dragon dies
the earth does not go quiet.
The great voice
he could not silence
reverberates from high mountains
and insists on its vibration.

When an old dragon dies
the earth does not grow dark.
The crystal dreams
he chose never to deny
gleam on great waters
and shine into the universe.

When an old dragon dies
the earth does not grow cold.
The fiery vision that birthed
his fierceness flames out
across the sky and
sets the frozen air on fire.

Earth becomes too small for dragons.
Clutching greatness, they must flee its bounds.
But we are still here.
Let us not mourn too long his going.
Let us mourn only those moments
of distraction or fear
that prevent us from following
his unerring flight into
the realm of dragons.

To Robert


When was it you knew, old friend,
what you must do to make a difference?
For more than forty years
yours has been the voice insistent:
We cannot go where fundamental principles forbid.
You understood these things early,
and pushed hard for shift,
while others, less wise, and more absorbed
with making it in the world,
pushed the other way,
running the system down,
until we have almost lost the slack
we need to pull it back.

Now, at the cusp of the new millennium,
you have given us the text we need
to rework success from failure into hope.

When the wind shrieks,
and the oceans groan,
and the dry land gasps,
we shall hear your voice
calling for ecological integrity.

When the tyranny of old-system decision-making
drives us into dangerous blind alleys,
we shall remember your insistence
to search for common ground,
and engage many voices in healing dialogue.

When we have driven ourselves apart
in desperate search for time that isn't there,
and profits that avail us little gain,
your call for bonding and compassion
will bring us back to family and global understanding.

In all things right and decent
you have called the shots
with clear unerring aim.
It now behooves the world to listen better,
and build on success already begun.

Your voice and works
extend your life beyond your time.
No greater tribute can we give
than to say that, having heard,
we shall persist,
and remember
who told us
which way to go.


With love and high regard
Desmond Berghofer
November 21, 1999

November 21, 1999

Dear Bob:

Greetings and love. At this time, friend, colleague and fellow Earth citizen, you are in our hearts, and come readily into the free flow of conversation as we go about our lives, in this very special moment for the Earth and for us. As you approach life's endings, we think of your moment and ours to come.

We share a good education in the Arts and Classics of our time. We are well read and experienced in the world. We are not naïve as we contemplate life and its inevitable end, but we are innocent as we consider what might be on the other side.

Our education leads us to consider that what we "see" and understand what "can be seen" is not always all there is to see or understand. Previous generations did not see or know ourselves down to the human genome, our DNA, the very stuff of primordial life. Yet seen or not, it was there. At some intuitive level we knew it was there.

We also in our innocence have intuitively understood that there was more than the material, that there was spirit that inspired the material life we knew. We told stories about it in every generation, and some stories became so powerful they became the story. For Jews, it was Jehovah, the great spirit, all powerful and all knowing. For Christians, an extension, the sending of the "only begotten son" with messages of love and compassion. Maybe we were getting closer here-but still a story of time and place.

Regardless of the story, some thing is behind all this, but we are still too innocent to know it. One thing is so, however. All generations have sensed it. All cultures have made stories to explain away the innocence. This knowing is encoded in our genes, like DNA, but still yet to be known.

So you, friend, approach this mystery perhaps before us. To leave is to leave your innocence behind, to taste the fruit of knowing, whatever it is. For you, its rewards will be well deserved, built from a life well lived, from a great and important contribution, from decency and good friendship to others, from thoughtful and compassionate tenderness to the human condition. In one way, whether there are rewards for this, is irrelevant. The reward is on this side. You have made a difference.

The sadness of the moment is not your sadness. It is ours, who will miss your presence among us. For you, let there be only joy, peace and satisfaction for who you are, and for the intelligence and grace and dignity of the message you leave with us. Pray for the Earth, if you can.

Godspeed on your journey.



We wanted to share the news of Robert Theobald's passing. As you'll see
from the e-mail below from his very close friend and colleague Bob Stilger,
he died on Saturday. We have been praying for his healing at the deepest
levels, and now pray for him to go to the Light.

Robert had surgery two years ago for esophageal cancer and had done a lot
of personal work and healing since. His doctor pronounced him free of
cancer this summer. Then, on his recent speaking trip to Australia, true
to his intensely engaged way of living, he totally exhausted himself before
returning to his home in Spokane, WA a couple of weeks ago, very near
death. The cancer had spread to his lymph system. He was hospitalized for
over two weeks and then went home, with hospice care and close friends with
him, for the past week. He was surrounded with a wonderful supportive
network of love at the end.

We first met Robert in the early '70s and worked together on a number of
projects over the past 25 years. Perhaps Robert's greatest gift was
turning thinking upside down into new, compelling (re)frames and
(re)visions. In our experience, he was first to articulate in any words --
let alone the mainstream language he found and used -- most of the core
paradoxes/dilemmas of the Great Initiation now unfolding at warp speed all
around us. He was an inspiring and provocative leader well ahead of his
time, or as he said in the title of one of his books, "We're Not Ready For
That Yet!" Fortunately, in the past two years, his work and message has
been received well enough, especially in Australia, that Robert felt
fulfilled and his mission reasonably complete.

Robert has been a consistent voice for fundamental change and
transformation for all the time we've known him. He was a dear long-time
friend from whom we learned -- and received -- a great deal on many levels,
including some difficult lessons about centering ourselves in the midst of
his powerful influence, which we doubt he ever realized he was or intended
to be teaching <grin>. His work will continue, and he will be greatly

We've attached a 1976 photo of Robert that brings his marvelous presence to
mind. (See attached file: Robert Theobald 1976.jpg)

May Robert dwell in the open heart.
May Robert recognize his true nature as Light and as Love.
May Robert be free from of fear, free of pain, free of suffering.
May Robert be healed wherever healing is called for.
May Robert know his deepest joy, his greatest peace.

With respect and blessings,



Robert Theobald
June 11, 1929 ­ November 27, 1999


Theobald was committed to helping develop resiliency in communities, people and ecological systems. He believed that this is the best response to the growing turbulence around the world. With many friends, colleagues and people who resonated with his words and images, Robert worked to create new approaches to improve life and community.

See Robert's Home Page on the World Wide Web for articles and links: http://www.transform.org/transform/tlc/rtpage.html

Provided services to groups and organizations which recognize that directions, priorities and goals have to change as society moves out of the industrial era into radically different conditions. He worked with groups that were concerned with immediate change in real conditions. This listing of his most significant, recent past work includes:

International. Developing the concept of "The Healing Century" for the next one hundred years. (see http://www.nrf.org/RT/HealingCentury.html) This work was a result of Robert's successful operation for esophageal cancer in 1997 and the learning to which he was invited in order to heal.

International. Developing the concept of Resilient Communities (see http://www.resilientcommunities.org) Following his writing of "The Healing Century", Robert and his close colleague Bob Stilger invited small groups of leading scholars and activists to Spokane for a series of small intimate dialogues about healing and change. This led, in turn, to ResilientCommunities, an effort using the Internet and live-satellite communications to link people with each other and resources to help them develop resiliency in their lives and their communities.
Australia. Since 1997 Robert focused his attention on Australia, where he interacted with thousands of people all over the country as well as the governmental, academic, corporate and non-profit sectors. His work sparked the emergence of Reworking Tomorrow and its project Australia Connects, both dedicated to providing opportunities for people to take part in creating their own future and making visible the work of the many organisations which are already involved in this work. His three most recent books, "Reworking Success", "We DO have Future Choices" and "Visions and Pathways for the 21st Century" were all published in Australia.

International. Explored how to create language and images which convey the depth of change currently taking place.
National. Worked with the Volunteers of America to create a 1996 national conference examining the elements of a new social contract required by new knowledge and technology. (1993-1995)
National Supporting activities designed to support fundamental change in professional agricultural societies. (Continuing)
Oregon. Worked on a state project to rethink family law. (1995-97)
New Orleans. Developing programs to support fundamental change in the New Orleans Metropolitan area through the Volunteers of America: local branch (1993-1995)
Louisiana. Developed a vision project for the State. (1993-94)
Kentucky. Worked with Goals for Greater Louisville Project. (1991-2)
Washington, D.C. Worked with Corps of Engineers on appropriate directions for their activities. (1992)
Major Oil Company. Supported development of Strategic Plans through the year 2020. (1992)
Washington, DC. Supported Development of Major Conference by Interactive Video Industry Association on the importance of new Multimedia technologies. (1989-90.)
Nebraska. Worked with Director of Department of Banking to support better management systems at a time when many Banks were collapsing. (1984-6) Worked with several other Departments of Nebraska State Government.
Midwest. Worked to develop alternative models for the solution of the Farm Crisis. (Early Eighties.)
Professional Activities.

1997 Co-Founder, Resilient Communities
1994 Co-Founder, Transformational Learning Community
1989 Co-Founder, Dynamic Balance Institute.
1974 Co-Founder. Northwest Regional Facilitators: an organization devoted to social innovations and change
1973-1999 President, Participation Publishers
1968 Founder: Action Linkage: the first general purpose networking system in the United States.


Theobald spoke in every US State, most Canadian provinces and almost all Australian States. The following is a very partial listing of his major appearances. Hearings before Congressional Committees are not listed separately, neither are my appearances at Universities/Colleges nor before State Humanities sessions in many states.
His primary skill was as an opening and closing speaker emphasizing the need for fundamental change, as many of the old success criteria and reward systems are now counter-productive.

Very wide range of groups in Australia during extended tours in 1997 - 1999.
Australian Institute of Management
Ontario Arts Council
World Federalists Victoria
Royal Bank Lecturer: Queens University
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.
Association of Community College Trustees.
National United Ways.
Governor's Commission on Women. (Arizona.)
Association for the Handicapped (Washington State.)
Portland and Eugene City Clubs
International Public Works Association.
National Conference on Simulation Gaming.
Roundtables: Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks.
Volunteers of America.
World Future Society.
Planning Forum.
Conference Board: United States and Canada.
Conference on Philanthropy (South-East States.)
West Virginia Community Action
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Philanthropy at the Crossroads.

Chamber of Commerce International
Texas Southern Baptists.
Governor's Commission on Women (Nebraska)
Indiana School Board (Annual Conference.)
Commonwealth Club (Alaska)
City Club (Portland)
Statewide Iowa Leadership Meeting.
U.S. State Department.
World Insurance Congress.
Association of Junior Leagues.
American Library Association.
Public Library Association.
Interactive Video Industry Association.
American Association of Homes for the Aging.
National Origin Desegregation Centre

World Council of Churches.
International City Managers Association.
Goals for Dallas.
Iowa 2000.
Hawaii 2000.
United Press International.
Year Round Educators.
National Conference on Voluntarism.
International Corporate Planners.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Agency for International Development.
California League of Cities.
Arizona League of Cities.
Kent State Peace Commemorative.
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ford of Canada (Top Management)
United Automobile Workers.
Center for Democratic Institutions.
Southern Leadership Conference.
Annual Aspen Architects Conference.
US Chamber of Commerce.
Society for International Development.
National Association of Secondary School Principals.
Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults.
National Council of Churches.
University of Mississippi (First Black-White Student Retreat.)
National Conference on Social Welfare.

Media experience.
· Video series for satellite broadcast in January-October 1999 on Leadership, Y2K, Meaning Making and Voluntary Simplicity
· Prepared series of 5 fifty minute lectures entitled Reworking Success for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Invitation was then cancelled but they were later broadcast nationally by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and also on several radio stations in Canada.
· Series of 6 fifty-minute lectures and interviews on "The Healing Century" broadcast nationally in Australia and also by a number of radio stations in the US.
· TV pilot on United Church Television (Canada) for "The Cabinet:" a discussion on how to present choices for the 21st Century.
· Consultant on CBS-TV Series: "Choice the Imperative of Tomorrow.
· Interviewer on 13-part radio Series for CBC (Canada) 1965. Rebroadcast in 1996.
· Interviewer for 13-part radio series on Public Radio in Spokane.
· Development of Special programming with National Public Radio for the Bicentennial, Television and radio interviews by Today, Kup, Cavett, NPR, CBS ,
· Chamber of Commerce, Book Beat, Morningside, Fast Forward, UPI, and very many local radio and TV stations.
Have written and edited over 25 books on the subject of futurism, economics, fundamental change and other related issues. Latest books: Reworking Success, We DO Have Future Choices, and Visions and Pathways for the 21st Century

Recent major titles are Turning the Century (1993), The Rapids of Change (1987) and Beyond Despair (1976).
The Triple Revolution - A Report to President Johnson (1964) introduced the idea that the drives toward computers and robots, human rights and the development of weaponry would force fundamental change. This report was widely commented across the United States in news articles, editorials and magazines. Free Men and Free Markets (1963) and The Guaranteed Income (1965) were forerunners to President Nixon's Family Assistance Plan.
Have published a broad range of articles in a very wide selection
of mainstream and alternative publications. Now concentrating on internet publication.
HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Graduate School of Public Administration, 1957-58.
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY: B.A AND M.A: Economics. 1951 AND 1953.
Listed as 7th most influential living futurist in Encyclopedia of the Future.
Winner of New Options Book Award 1987.
Listed in: Who's Who in America.
Who's Who in the World
Contemporary Authors.
Writer's and Author's Year Book.
The Blue Book -- and many others.

French, German and Spanish.

British Citizen

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