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The Wisdom Council Project




OUTLINE by Adin Rogovin


Purpose: To further research, develop and implement the Wisdom Council process as an instrument to re-introduce democratic, high quality, creative community dialogue to civic affairs.

Organization: A project of the Co-Intelligence Institute

Scope of Activities:

I. Research: Experiment with the elements of the process to determine the impact of community variables (size, diversity, economic characteristics) and process variables (public preparation, number of participants, hours of facilitated meetings, involvement of community officials) on the results. Establish community based criteria and feedback mechanisms to evaluate the results. Develop and implement community test sites, e.g., Port Townsend, Pleasantville, Oakland, Eugene.

II. Education: Publish articles, books, audio and video programs and otherwise disseminate research results, and general information to the public and other institutions about the Wisdom Council. Respond to inquiries for information.

III. Training/Certification: Provide training programs for and certification of Wisdom Council Facilitators.

IV. Develop a turn-key delivery program that can be offered to communities to initiate and support an independent, self-maintained process. This might include:

  1. Working with local officials and/or NGOs on awareness building, education and publicity.
  2. Organizing implementation logistics for random selection process, venues for meetings, meeting room design and setup.
  3. Publicity: Media cooperation, preparing the public and coverage of the council meetings.
  4. Follow-up: How to encourage post-council public dialogue, consulting with community officials, community organizations and individuals.

Funding: Foundation and/or Government grants seem the likeliest source. Major donors if possible.

Board of Advisors: My suggested starting list includes:
Jim Rough
Tom Atlee
Nancy Rosanoff
Win Swafford

Staff: To be determined