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Preventing an Undeclared War

To: 1st Circuit Court of Appeals

On February 13th, 2003 6 U.S. Representatives and 9 private citizens filed
an injunction against President George Bush and Defense Secretary Donald

In their complaint they stated that:
"Defendant President George W. Bush does not intend to seek a Congressional
declaration of war prior to launching a military invasion of Iraq."

---Text of complaint:

Moreover, in October 2002 "Congress passed a resolution which is not a
declaration of war, properly construed."

---Text of Resolution
House version:
Senate version:

The case (henceforth Doe I, et al v.Bush) was dismissed...

HOWEVER, less than 24 hours later plaintiffs appealed and the case was
granted review by the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, Massachusetts.
Link to the Court:

That was Tuesday, March 4. Since then 6 more Representatives and many more
citizens, private and otherwise, have filed amicus briefs - "friend of the
court" - in other words, having a vested interest in the case in dispute.


Considering the estimated human and financial costs; considering that human
costs are not something that should be calculated when there are equally
viable diplomatic and peaceful alternatives; considering that the President
of the United States has not been granted war powers through a "Declaration
of War" as outlined and established in Article I, Section 8 of the
Constitution and therefore does not have Congressional approbation to
declare war

The adminstrations pre-emptive war is illegal and grossly unconstitutional.

We, as peaceful citizens of the United States, urge your support in signing
on to a nationwide Amicus Curiae.

By signing this online petition you are supporting the aforementioned legal
action as an Amicus Curiae Brief - Doe v. Bush #03-1266


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