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Leading Activists ask if Corporations are Organisms:

How to participate in this conference





***  GREAT ARTICLES ! ! ! ***

Introductory essays by panelists are located at


Background materials (very interesting!) are linked
to the conference announcement page at

The online conference about corporations as organisms
is underway from Mar 3-20, 2000 at

The following information will help you access and
participate in it.


This conference is run by "Caucus" software.  You will
be asked to give yourself a User ID and a Password, which
you'll need when you access the conference in the future.
Then you'll be taken to a list of many conferences being
held in the Caucus hyperspace.  Click on

   "3.  A list of all conferences"

and you'll get a list that includes

   Big Body Wakeup (for the invited panel)
      - visitors can read it, but not write responses
   Big Body Shakeup (for all visitors)
      - visitors can read and write

When you click on one of them, you'll go to an index of
all the topics being discussed on that conference.  From
there it is pretty obvious how to proceed, and you should
get the hang of it quickly.

From The MetaNet Caucus home page
   ("Welcome to  The Meta Network")
you can access a tour of Caucus procedures which you can
use to familiarize yourself with the system.  Just click
on the green "(?) Help" button and then on the "Caucus